How to Apply for Jordan Tourist Visa in Qatar

Are you looking for a historical country to visit? Jordan could be your next destination. You can see UNESCO Heritage sites and other places mentioned in the Bible there

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Jordan is an Arab country with a culture similar to Qatar and other Arab countries. You have two options for applying for a tourist visa: do it yourself or contact a travel agency.

Requirements for Tourist Visa

Jordanian Tourist Visa for Filipinos

Filipinos who hold a Philippine passport and wish to visit Jordan will need to apply for a tourist visa. As with most visa applications, you can prepare the requirements yourself or enlist the help of a Jordanian travel agency, which will process the application in Amman. Similarly, if you have relatives living in Jordan, they can be your hosts and process your application for you.

Requirements for Visa Application

To get started on your application for a tourist visa for Jordan, you need to prepare these documents:

  • Visa Application Form

Fill out all the fields in the form. You can do this digitally or handwritten.

  • Passport

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your intended arrival date to Jordan. There should be some blank pages left for the visa you are applying for. You should also have a colored photocopy in your file. If you have your old passport, you will also present it. 

  • ID photo

Provide a one piece ID photo, measuring 2 x 2 and with white background. You will attach this photo in the application form. 

  • Proof of residence in Qatar
  • National ID card
  • Email address for receiving the Jordan visa
  • Credit card or debit card for paying the visa fee
  • Proof of onward travel ticket
  • Proof of accommodation in Jordan (ex. Hotel booking)
  • Itinerary 
  • Funds to sustain your trip to Jordan
  • Medical Insurance

While this is not mandatory, you should also get one for your peace of mind

Additional Requirements for those with Jordanian Hosts (invitee or spouse)

  • Passport copy
  • National ID
  • Visa Request Letter in Arabic
  • Family Book copy (if the host is your spouse)

Procedures in Applying for a Tourist Visa

  • To apply for a tourist visa, go to one of the Jordanian tourism offices.
  • Once you have all the requirements, submit them personally at the embassy or send them by mail if instructed. 
  • Wait for the embassy officials to contact you about the status of your application. If your application is accepted, you can collect your visa at the embassy or have it mailed to you.
  • The tourist visa is valid for 30 days.


The processing cost for the visa is USD $61.99, but you can call the Jordanian embassy for updated information. If you’re using a travel agency, you can also ask for their rates.

Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Address and Contact Details

  • Address: Anza District, Diplomatic Quarter
  • Telephone Number: 0097444862755
  • Fax Number: 0097444862755
  • Email address:

Map of the Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan 

How to Get to Jordan from Qatar

To get from Qatar to Jordan, you can take a direct flight that connects Doha to Amman, with an average flying time of about three hours. The most popular airlines for this route are Qatar Airways, Flynas, Jazeera Airways, Royal Jordanian, Saudia, Etihad Airways, Kuwait Airways, Flydubai, Air Arabia, and Oman Air, with most flights departing in the morning.

The cost of traveling from Qatar to Jordan varies depending on the airline, with prices ranging from as little as 600 Jordanian dinar to as high as 1,600 Jordanian dinar. Do thorough research online to compare prices and find an airline that doesn’t charge cancellation fees.

Another option is to drive to Dammam, Saudi Arabia. From there you can get a flight going to Jordan.

Jordan – A Historical Country

For many tourists, a visit to Jordan is a bucket list item, and it’s not hard to see why. The country is full of ancient structures, many of which have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Jordanians are generally friendly to tourists, with modern Arabic being the primary language used. Additionally, many workers in the tourism sector also speak English. 

Heritage Sites in Jordan

Here are the famous heritage sites that make Jordan a favorite destination:

  • Petra 

Petra is known as the city carved from the mountains. During ancient times, it was a trading city that reflects the civilization of the Nabataean Arabs, who carved their city in the mountains. Petra remained a lost city for over five centuries until a Swiss explorer rediscovered it in 1812.

If you’re planning to visit Petra, be sure to bring cash because most shops do not accept credit cards. Before you begin your travel, make sure to exchange your money and look for the best rates available.

A day trip is not enough to see the beauty of Petra and the whole town. You should visit the place early in the morning to travel the Siq passageway and also witness Petra at night.

  • Quseir Amra

According to the UNESCO website,Quseir Amra is a desert castle built in the early 8th century. It’s well-preserved, and you can still see the reception hall and hammam with decorative murals when you visit.

This heritage site reflects Islamic art and architecture during its time. It was once part of a large complex, but only a few structures remain today. These include the main hall that leads to three other central halls. When you reach these halls, you’ll see the outdoor frescoes painted long ago.

  • Um er-Rasas

According to the UNESCO website, Um er-Rasas was a Roman military camp that grew into a town. Today, it’s home to 16 historic churches, crypts, and tall stone archways.

Despite receiving fewer visitors than other sites, you should add this town to your itinerary. It’s believed that the Prophet Muhammad passed through here when he was younger.

  • Wadi Rum Protected Area

This heritage site is home to unusual rock formations, which is why it’s nicknamed the “Valley of the Moon.” As described on the UNESCO website, Wadi Rum also contains petroglyphs, inscriptions, and other archaeological finds. In addition, rock carvings that reflect the beginning of the alphabet can be found in this area.

  • “Bethany Beyond the Jordan”

Jordan is home to the baptismal site of Jesus of Nazareth, located in “Bethany Beyond the Jordan” or Al-Maghtas, according to the UNESCO website. This place is situated on the eastern bank of the River Jordan, with the Dead Sea located nine kilometers to the north.

  • As-Salt

As-Salt is an ancient city located on the mountains and is known as the regional capital of the Ottoman Empire. It’s home to museums, mosques, and heritage houses, as well as an orthodox church and Latin church where both Muslims and Christians can attend.

When visiting all these sites, remember to follow local customs.  You’re expected to dress conservatively, especially in the presence of locals and when visiting temples. 

Journey through Jordan Wisely

Jordan is situated in a desert region, and if you’ve been working in Qatar for a while, you may be familiar with how hot it can get during the summer season. So, as much as possible, avoid scheduling your trip when you know that the temperature can get extremely high. Otherwise, you may not be able to enjoy swimming at the beaches or appreciating the Red Sea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I extend a Jordan Visa?

Yes, you can extend your stay in Jordan by registering at a Jordanian police station before your visa expires. As Filipinos hold an embassy visa, you can extend it for up to another six months maximum.

What is a Jordan Pass?

The Jordan Pass is a ticket that allows the holder to visit 30 popular tourist spots in Jordan. Tourists who have stayed for at least three nights in the country will save on entrance fees. However, this pass is only applicable for those who applied for a visa on arrival, and Philippine passport holders cannot avail of this ticket.


In this YouTube video, a vlogger shares his experience in applying for a Jordanian tourist visa. He states that his application was rejected twice due to his occupation. As he was determined to visit Jordan, he decided to use the services of a travel agency in Jordan to process his application.

With the help of the travel agency, he was able to obtain the visa. The vlogger emphasizes that he does not know the agency personally. So, he relied on the reviews of the agency to make his decision about using their services.

You can watch the full video here:

Disclaimer: The information posted here is based on personal experiences that the OFW shared in the video. Please let this post serve as a guide only. If you have specific questions, you may ask the OFW by commenting on their video or on their social media accounts.


As a Philippine passport holder, you need to apply for a tourist visa to visit Jordan. You can apply for a visa on your own or ask a host in Jordan to process it for you. Once approved, you have 30 days to stay in Jordan. You can also request to extend your stay while you are there.

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