How to Apply for a Lithuania Tourist Visa for Filipinos in Qatar

For another possible itinerary, you might want to visit Lithuania. This European country boasts of deep forests, enchanting nature parks, and calm lakes. 

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For Philippine passport holders like yourself, you will need a tourist  visa to visit Lithuania. Some of the requirements you need are your passport, photos, application form, proof of income, and bank statement, among others. Once you have prepared these documents, you can proceed to the visa processing center to facilitate your application. 

Floating Castle

Tourist Visa Application for Lithuania

Lithuania is a Baltic country that also welcomes tourists all year round. In particular, Philippine passport holders can do so by applying for a tourist visa. Since there is no Lithuanian embassy in Qatar, you will address your concerns with the Embassy of Spain in Qatar. Meanwhile, the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Arab Republic of Egypt can also process your application. 

Moreover, you should also note that this country is part of the European Union, thus you will apply for a Schengen visa. Specifically, you will need to apply for a short-stay visa, which will allow you to enter Lithuania or any Schengen member states for 90 days within any 180-day period. 

Requirements for Visa Application

According to the website of the Consular Information of MFA of Lithuania, there are three ways where you can direct your visa application. These are: the visa authority of the Republic of Lithuania, VF Services, or visa authority of another Schengen Member state that represents Lithuania. 

For the first option, you can go to the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Arab Republic of Egypt. Applicants are reminded to apply at the visa authorities of Lithuania if their first entry is the said country or if they want to transit there. 

Before you go to any of these visa authorities, gather these documents first:

  • Application form: you can go to this site and enter the pertinent information 
  • Valid passport: should be valid for at least three months before you go to Lithuania; the said passport should at least have two blank pages and must be issued for at least 10 years
  • Photograph of the applicant
  • Biometrics: if the applicant has provided their biometrics for the last 59 months, there is no need to provide another set
  • Visa fee

If the applicant wishes to avail of the services of VFS, they will provide the same requirement. 

Procedure for Visa Application

Applicants will submit the documents to either VFS or their chosen visa authority center. They will then pay the visa fee, and wait for the result of their application. The waiting time is 15 days on the average. 

Tourist Visa Fee

  • Schengen Visa fee: EUR 80
  • Schengen Visa Fee for children 6 to 12 years: EUR 40

Note: According to the consular website of Lithuania, VFS charges an additional EUR 15.90 as service fee. 

Embassy of Spain in Qatar


Villa number 9, Saha Street 93, Wadi Umm Sarma (Street number 563, Zone 66)

Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Arab Republic of Egypt

Video: How to Apply for a Schengen Visa

To give you an idea on how to apply for a Schengen Visa, you can refer to this YouTube video from Nurse Even. One of the valuable tips you can learn from this video is on how to book your flight and travel insurance.

Take note that the vlogger is based in the UK, but you can still get valuable information from this content. You can watch the full video here:

Disclaimer: The information posted here is based on personal experiences that the OFW shared in the video. Please let this post serve as a guide only. If you have specific questions, you may ask the OFW by commenting on their video or on their social media accounts.

Getting to Lithuania from Qatar

One of the requirements you need for your tourist visa application is your airline ticket. To give you some ideas regarding your flight options, the airlines flying to your destination are Qatar Airways, Scandinavian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Austrian Airlines, and Airbaltic. 

Depending on your chosen time of departure, you can buy a round-trip ticket for almost $800. This option is for a two-stop flight from Doha, Qatar to Vilnius, Lithuania. There is no option for a direct flight for this destination. 

Your date of departure can also affect the ticket price. For instance, the off-season for travel to Lithuania is in October. If you decide to fly during this time, tickets can be cheaper since there is not much demand. But if you choose to travel in August, which is the peak season, you can expect that the prices will be higher. 

Popular Tourist Destinations in Lithuania

Lithuania is famous for its heritage mansions and castles, often following the Baroque, Renaissance, and Gothic style. And if you are looking beyond the country’s architecture, you can also visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites, or go enjoy the other recreational areas.


Vilnius is the country’s capital. If you have three days to visit this place, you can expect that your itinerary will be filled with visiting old architecture and other historic places. However, even as you explore the city, you’ll encounter modern architecture

You can start with the Gediminas Tower. This is a prominent landmark in the city, and has been depicted in various artwork. When you get on top of the tower, you can see magnificent views of the city. Visitors can also learn about Vilnius history by looking at the exhibit found in the tower vicinity. The tower is open from 10 am to 8 pm, but it closes during national holidays.

The entrance fee varies according to the season. From April to September, the rate is €8 for adults and €4 for pupils, students, and pensioners. Meanwhile the entrance fee for adults is €6 and €3 for the rest, during October to March. Those with Vilnius Pass can visit the tower for free. 

For your next stop, you can go to the Church of St. Anne and Bernardine Complex. With Lithuania being a predominantly Catholic country, visitors will have plenty of opportunities to go to a church.

This massive cathedral is five centuries old. It is also considered the most beautiful building in the capital. While the cathedral has undergone plenty of reconstruction, it still retained its beauty. 

The church opens as early as 4:30 pm, while the Bernardine Parish is open at 9 am. There is no entrance fee to get to the parish nor the church. 


The town of Kernave is only 35 kilometers away from the capital. From the capital, you can go on a day tour and head on to the next destination. 

Despite its size, this historical town is the first capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Your first stop could be the Cultural Reserve of Kernave, a UNESCO World Heritage site. You can see remnants of the ancient settlers and their way of life. 

Kernave is also a perfect destination if you happen to visit Lithuania during the first week of July. They hold the Live Archeology Days, where guests can experience ancient Baltic traditions and feast on their cuisine. 


The municipality of Kaunas is also filled with historical landmarks. At the same time, you also have the option to learn about their culture, go to the cinema, or the beach. 

To know more about the country’s heritage, include the Sacral Heritage Museum in Pazaislis Monastery. Visitors to this monastery can take part in the educational program for both children and adults. Not only will the guests learn about the monastery’s history as well as the state. 

The Pazaislis Monastery opens from November 3 to March 1, and welcomes visitors from Thursdays to Saturdays. It opens from 10 am to 4:30 on Thursday and Friday, while it is open until 3:30 on Saturday. The regular ticket price is €6, while the discounted rate is €3 and is applicable to students and seniors. 

For beachgoers, one of their destinations could be Lampedziaa Lake Beach. Aside from swimming, visitors can also go camping, wakeboard kayaking, play basketball or beach volleyball, and more. 

Do’s and Don’ts When Visiting Lithuania

To enjoy your trip to Lithuania, be sure to abide by the norms in the country. Doing so will surely impress your hosts and will ensure that your visit will be stress-free. 


Greet people with firm handshake.

A firm handshake when greeting people is the norm in the country. You can do this when you meet people for the first time or when you enter their homes as a guest. 

Observe silence in common places.

When you first visit Lithuania, you might notice that people are usually quiet when they are out in public. In their culture, it is considered offensive if you use a loud voice or cause disturbance when you are out and about. People will also appreciate it if you do not engage in too much small talk when you are in public transportation. 


Wear outside shoes indoors.

If you have the chance to be invited to someone else’s home, before entering, you should remove the shoes you’ve worn outside. Doing otherwise is considered disrespect to your host. 

Engage in excessive small talk.

In some countries, it is considered polite to engage in small talk with the people beside you in public transportation. However, that is not the case in Lithuania. Specifically, it is impolite and even rude if you ask intrusive questions or engage in too much small talk throughout your ride. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does it take to get a Lithuanian tourist visa?

  • The average processing time is about 15 to 45 days. It’s advisable to allocate sufficient time for your application.

Can I extend my stay in Lithuania?

  • Normally, tourists are not allowed to stay for more than 90 days in Lithuania. But in cases of force majeure or any humanitarian reasons, the government may allow an extension.

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