Largest Shopping Mall in Qatar to Open in December

The biggest shopping mall in the region is set to open on December. With over 500 shops, 100 food and beverage outlets, a luxury hotel, and various entertainment options, this is going to be a big event when it is launched to the public.

The Officials reported that the Mall of Qatar’s grand opening is postponed to December 10 from October 29. Rony Mourani (General Manager) said that the delay is to make sure that there will be more key offerings and facilities available.

He added that they they were just as eager to launch the opening and welcome their first visitors and give them the experience that they promised. And their proposition is to make sure that the visitors find what they are looking for in their first interaction with Mall of Qatar.

Additionally, the officials said that the a certificate about completing the building has been secured yesterday, October 10. Indicating the facility’s construction was finished.

Grand Opening of Mall of Qatar: Biggest Mall in Qatar



When the Mall of Qatar opens, there will be more than 500 shops as well as 100 outlets of food and beverage. There will be new retailers in the country like Cheesecake Factory, Hamley’s Toy Store and Pottery Barn.

There are also other facilities that we are eager to check like a movie theater with 19-screen, a look-alike village market “Signature Carrefour” and the mini children’s city.

Below are some videos to give you a peek of what to expect in this mall:

CC YouTube | MallOfQatar

CC YouTube | MallOfQatar

The mall’s launch date is already behind schedule for more than 1 year and it has been changing a few times. The Manager said that the tenants needed more time to finalize their stores.

I know we are all excited to enter the mall, we just need to be patient a bit longer. I’m sure that the Mall of Qatar will have a lot to offer once it’s opened.