Qatar to hire New Committee to Resolve Labour Disputes Quickly

One of the hardest parts of being an expat worker is resolving legal matters with your employer. But with the changes to the Law No 14 of 2014, the government of Qatar has organized a new committee to settle these conflicts faster.

A new cabinet is formed in order to help employees resolve their arguments with their employers. This panel will be governed under the Ministry of Administrative Development Labor and Social Affairs or MADLSA.


This new system will consist of two ministry officials that are experts in accounting and the chairman will be a judge that is elected by the Supreme Judiciary Council and is coming from the Court of First Instance.

Qatar News Agency reported that the committee under MADLSA will take charge in resolving these labour disputes.

Parties are given 15 days to submit an appeal, as long as they were present at the date of decision by the first committee. If the parties were not present in the initial decision, 15 days are given from the announcement of the verdict.