Qatar Chamber Creates Online Portal for Displaced Workers

Qatar Chamber, in cooperation with the Ministry of Administrative Development Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA), has opened an online portal to help displaced skilled workers find jobs again. This project will help the employees be matched with a job opening, and at the same time will help boost the country’s economy.

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Employers will access this portal to provide the list of their displaced employees. All entries will be forwarded to the labor ministry for review.

Statement from the Director General
Photo Credit: Qatar Chamber website

Online Platform For Skilled Workers

Qatar Chamber has introduced an online platform that will be used to help skilled laborers be re-employed. This is in cooperation with MADLSA. Through this platform, private companies can hire applicants as long as they match the company’s requirements. The online platform will serve as a link between the private companies and displaced jobseekers.

This announcement was made in a press statement by Qatar Chamber’s Director-General Saleh Bin Hamad Al Sharqi. He affirmed that the online platform can be a good avenue for private companies to find skilled workers that meet their criteria. Job seekers who were displaced during the pandemic will be given opportunities to be hired by another company. When job openings are filled, both the private companies and workers will benefit.

The employer will fill out the application form, to provide the information regarding their displaced employees. The information will be forwarded to the labor ministry for review. This is to make sure that the status of the company will be checked and that its application procedure is in accordance with the law.

The online platform can be accessed at the Qatar Chamber’s website. Some of the information that the company needs to fill out are their employee’s name, nationality, Qatar ID number, profession, years of experience in working, educational background, copy of passport, resume or CV, and attestation for work. The second phase of the platform will be introduced soon, which will include more services.

It can be recalled that in March, the labor ministry released a guideline to help the employees navigate their way during the outbreak. At that time, several companies closed temporarily which made some employees lose their jobs.

But now that the country is slowly beating the outbreak, companies have opened up again. Ministry officials have also allowed the second phase of the lifting of restrictions this July, which means that companies can open longer and thus the need to get more workers.

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