READ: Mandatory Travel Requirements from Qatar Airways

According to Qatar Airways, starting August 13, 2020, passengers coming from Bangladesh, Brazil, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Philippines, and Sri Lanka must present an RT-PCR test result. When flight resumes, passengers coming from India, Nepal, Nigeria, and Russia will also be required to present the same certification. The test result must be negative.

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The medical certificate should be valid 3 days before the flight. Travelers must also present a consent form to be allowed to fly with the airline.

Must be virus-free

Qatar Airways Requires Medical Certification

On August 13, 2020 passengers from select countries (Bangladesh, Brazil, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Philippines, and Sri Lanka) will be required to present an RT-PCR test stating that they are virus-free. The certification must come from an accredited testing site in their countries. It should also be issued to the passenger 3 days (or 72 hours) before flying.  The passenger will pay for the testing cost.

A consent form must accompany the medical certificate to be allowed to board their flight. The form can be downloaded on the airlines’ website. This is a sample of the form:

Qatar Airways consent form
Photo Credit: Qatar Airways website

Later on, when Qatar Airways re-open its route to India, Nepal, Nigeria, and Russia, passengers coming from these countries will also be required to present the result of their RT-PCR tests.

Meanwhile, children below 12 years old will not be required to present a medical certificate. However, the older family members traveling with them will have to show their negative test results.

Other Relevant Information

  • The test result and the consent form will be presented at the check-in counter. Passengers must carry the test result at all times. They are also advised to bring at least two (2) copies because they will leave one copy at the counter.
  • If the passenger tested positive, he will not be allowed to take the flight. He can either: rebook the flight, exchange the ticket for a travel voucher, or request a refund of their flight ticket. To request a refund, the passenger must present the medical certificate showing a positive result.
  • Here is the link of accredited testing agencies:
  • The test result must come from these accredited laboratories to be honored by Qatar Airways.

Earlier, Qatar Airways provided the passengers with face masks and face shields to be worn on board. Passengers in the economy section must wear protective equipment all the time, except when they are eating or drinking.

Before traveling, passengers are also advised to check with the consuls for any updates on travel restrictions and similar reminders. Have a safe flight!

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