Newest Flight Destinations of Qatar Airways

All current projects and other signs point to the fact that Qatar Airways aims to be a global leader when it comes to global aviation. But it’s not just Qatar Airways; the country of Qatar itself is leading projects that expand its international airports to incorporate more passengers.

Due to the blockade that Qatar currently faces from its neighboring states, Qatar Airways has lost a significant portion of its in-demand routes. Indeed, this political event has impacted the economy of Qatar and hindered the growth goals of Qatar Airways, but the airline company is finding ways to resolve this problem.

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Qatar Airways Creates Replacement Routes to Solve Blockade Problem

AeroTime Hub reports that with the demand from the country’s travelers from the capital, Doha, Qatar Airways opens up new routes which are, in particular, popular tourist destinations. That way, the airline hopes to compensate for the nearby Gulf country routes it lost. One significant loss is the Dubai route. Other routes lost by Qatar include those leading to several international airports located in Saudi Arabia.

Its difficult for Qatar Airways to create new routes, especially since the country is put in an uncommon situation. However, it has managed to address this demand out of the capital by establishing new routes that are strategically popular among tourists.

Examples of these new “leisure routes,” are Santorini in Greece, and Dubrovnik in Croatia, and even Langkawi, Malaysia for the holidays. At the same time, Qatar Airways has added more connections to other places in the world, including those in Europe. In particular, Qatar Airways has just added one more connection to the United Kingdom last May 2018. Cardiff, Wales was added to Qatar Airways’ destination portfolio from Doha.

Qatar Airways has the Boeing 787 Dreamliner that connects Doha to the Cardiff Airport in Wales. The Cardiff Airport had seen 1.5 million passengers last 2018. Cardiff is viewed by Qatar Airways as an initial point for making more connections east of Doha. In fact, according to Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker, he welcomes the “new Welsh passengers on board” and hopes to connect them to “Doha and many points beyond.”

Aside from Cardiff, Qatar is also setting its sights on other European airports, such as the Kyiv Boryspil International Airport in Ukraine. Qatar Airways also seeks to tie with Eastern Asian airports located in Sanya, China, Thailand, Bangkok, India, and Delhi.

Indeed, despite the blockade, Qatar Airways is doing its best to make more connections to the country. Soon, more and more people from all over the world will visit Qatar, and discover what a wonderful country it is.