Qatar Airways Pilots: How Much Do They Make?

There are plenty of jobs in Qatar, including opportunities for those in the aviation industry. In today’s post, we will look into the salary and benefits of pilots working for Qatar Airways.

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Qatar Airways is the state-owned, flag carrier of the Kingdom of Qatar. Since its launch in 1997, the airline has received quite a number of prestigious awards — most recently the Skytrax “Airline of the Year” for 2019, a title that it has also earned in previous years.

Qatar Airways Pilot’s Salary How Much Do They Make
Image Credit: Qatar Airways Facebook Page

Salary & Benefits of Qatar Airways Pilots

Qatar Airways is headquartered in the Qatar Airways Tower in Doha and operates from its base at Hamad International Airport. Every day, it shuttles passengers to over 160 destinations across the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Central Asia, Far East, South Asia, North America, South America, and Oceania.

Currently, Qatar Airways employs more than 46,000 professionals, including pilots that expertly fly the airline’s more than 200 state-of-the-art aircraft.

Typical Requirements for Pilots

Occasionally, Qatar Airways recruits pilots to help operate its fleet. According to the airline’s website, the typical requirements for a First Officer (i.e. second pilot or second-in-command of an aircraft) are as follows:

  • Not older than 55 years old
  • English language proficiency Level 4 or higher
  • Valid ICAO ATPL or Frozen ATPL (ATPL Theory passes/credits)
  • Valid Instrument Rating (IR)
  • Valid Class One Medical
  • Type-rated and currently flying on B787/B777/B767/B757/B737NG/B747-400/800 with a minimum of 500 hours on type
  • Minimum of 1,000 hours in one of the following categories: (a) Multi-crew, multi-engine glass cockpit jet; (b)
  • Command multi-crew Turboprop glass cockpit; (c) High performance military jet
Qatar Airways Pilot’s Salary How Much Do They Make
Image Credit: Qatar Airways Facebook Page

Pilot’s Salary & Benefits

The salary of a Qatar Airways pilot is based on official rank and experience. For instance, the base salary plus allowances of a captain would be around QAR 50,000 per month, while a more experienced captain could earn around QAR 69,000 per month.

Aside from the base salary, Qatar Airways pilots are entitled to:

  • Company-provided housing
  • Utility allowance
  • Transport allowance
  • Meal allowance during layovers
  • Comprehensive life insurance
  • Family medical insurance
  • Loss of license insurance
  • School fees subsidy
  • End-of-service gratuity
  • Annual leave (42 days per year)
  • Travel incentives and discounts

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DISCLAIMER: The above details are estimates and presented for information-sharing purposes only. The exact pilots’ requirements, salary amounts, and benefits may change any time. To learn more about career opportunities with this airline, please visit the official website of Qatar Airways.