8 Reasons Why It’s Great to Work for Qatar Airways

Are you interested in working as a cabin crew for Qatar Airways? To many Filipino flight attendants, working in Qatar’s premier airline company is a dream job. The benefits listed in this article shows why.

A YouTuber shares her experiences and the benefits she obtained while working as a cabin crew in Qatar. She mentioned that it may be hard to find information about jobs at Qatar Airways, so she was motivated to make this informative video.

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Image Credit: Qatar Airways Twitter Page

Filipina Cabin Crew Shares Why It’s Great to Work at Qatar Airways

According to the video above, the following are the benefits of working as a cabin crew in Qatar Airways.

1. Free accommodation

You get free housing where there are 2 or 3 occupants. If you want to, you can request to be transferred to another accommodation, to be with your friends for example.

2. Males are separated from the females during accommodation.

This is good news for parents who are worried about their daughters mingling with other men. Housing is not co-ed since Qatar is a Muslim country, where separation of men and women is observed in many aspects of society.

3. No bills

Aside from the internet, you don’t have to pay bills. The company shoulders your water, electricity and other bills. Plus, the internet bill is not that expensive. You can divide it among the occupants as well.

4. During layovers, you get your own hotel room.

hotel room

A layover is any connection between flights. Stops can be as short as 30 minutes or 4 hours, or even a day during international flights. During a layover, Qatar Airways guarantees that you can get your own hotel room. You’re probably tired after a flight, so with your own room, you can properly relax. If you want you can bring visitors over, like your friends, family, etc.

5. Discount tickets

Like most airline companies, Qatar offers discount tickets to its employees. These discounts extend to your parents, your siblings, your husband or wife, and even to your nannies. Being married to someone also extends the discount to your mother in law and father in law. In addition, you can enroll your friends in to the buddy pass or privilege pass so they too can get discounts.

6. Excellent health care

Qatar has a world-renowned health care system, and since Qatar Airways is the flagship airline of the country, your health is in good hands. The company will provide you with a health card that you can actually use in any hospital anywhere in the world.

7. No taxes

Being the richest country in the world has its perks and financial freedoms. Qatar can afford not to tax its people, so the law states that salary is non-taxable. The salary you receive as a cabin crew will be 100 percent yours.

8. Overtime pay

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As a cabin crew, you need to fly a certain amount of hours annually. If you exceed the number of hours, you will get overtime pay which is non-taxable like your salary. Over time pay has a higher hourly rate than the standard pay; 75 percent higher to be specific.

If you really work hard, overtime pay make a difference. The YouTuber shared that the highest overtime pay she got was 33,000 riyals. That is equivalent to around 450,000 pesos.

These are just some of the benefits that you will get working for Qatar Airways. Hopefully, this pandemic will end soon so that all airlines can get back to work. While most airlines have shut down, Qatar Airways is at least still partially running; helping people who are stuck to go back to their families.