How to Renew Your Hamad Health Card

The Hamad Health Card allows residents and citizens of Qatar to avail of subsidized doctor’s consultations and non-emergency medical treatment, while also getting their prescriptions at subsidized rates. This health card can be used at any of the healthcare facilities or hospitals of the Hamad Medical Corporation.

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If you have this health card, it’s important that you renew it on time so you can continue to enjoy the subsidized rates. Remember that health is wealth. Fortunately, you can have affordable health care in Qatar.

Hukoomi portal

Steps to Renew

There are two ways to renew your health card, online and offline. Let us start by discussing the steps if you choose to renew online.

Instructions for Online Renewal

  • Go to the Hukoomi portal
  • Fill out the necessary information
  • Provide your QID number and choose “Renew” in the “Information Page”
  • Choose “Number of Required Years” to renew your health card, then provide your telephone number
  • You can either choose email or cell phone as a means to receive the receipt voucher. Click on “Yes” on your corresponding choice
  • Choose “Next” to proceed to the “Payment Details” page
  • Choose “Pay” and find out the amount you have to pay

Instructions for Offline Renewal

  • Go to the nearest HMC facility or any PHCC-affiliated health center
  • Submit the required documents based on your classification: adult residents must submit a valid QID, residence permit, and the current Hamad Health Card; child residents must submit a valid residence permit, Hamad Health Card, and the QID of their sponsor; and domestic staff must submit a QID, valid residence permit, Hamad Health Card, and the QID of their sponsor.
  • Pay the corresponding fees

How to Check the Validity of Your Health Card

It’s important to note that the health card does not indicate the expiry date. You can check the validity of your card by going to the Hukoomi portal. Once you get to the portal, provide the information asked of you, including the QID number. When you get to the “Transaction Type,” choose “Check Expiry.”

renewal of health card

Benefits of Having a Health Card

With your Hamad Health Card, you can avail yourself of consultation services at the Hamad Medical Hospital and PHCC at subsidized rates. What’s more, you can get your prescription at a subsidized price if you purchase it at any government-run pharmacy.

Even if you have private medical insurance, you can still apply for a health card in case you need to utilize a government-run health facility.

What Happens When You Lose Your Health Card

As much as we want to take care of all our belongings, we cannot prevent them from getting lost. If you lose your health card, there is no need to despair because you can request a replacement.

Just go to the Health Card E-services page in the Hukoomi portal for your card renewal or check its expiry. Choose the “Reprint” button, and provide the needed information. If your card is still valid when you lose it, you will pay for the replacement. For non-Qataris, the rate is QR 100. On the other hand, you will pay QR 200 if you are a non-Qatari and lose your expired health card.

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