How to Renew Health Card in Qatar

Qatar has one of the most advanced health care systems in the world. Citizens and residents can avail of subsidized health services through the hospitals and health centers in the country.

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To avail of affordable healthcare services, obtaining a health card is necessary. You can get this at the Hamad Medical Corporation or the health centers, which you will need to renew regularly. You can conveniently renew it online or by visiting the medical facility.

Hukoomi portal
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Qatar Health Card Renewal Guide

The health card is a necessary identification document that allows you to get subsidized services from medical facilities in Qatar. To verify whether your card is still valid, you can go to a health center or the Hamad Medical Corporation and inquire about the status of your card. Or you can use the Health Card e-service page on the Hukoomi government portal to check its validity online.. Generally, the card is valid for one year for expatriates

If you find out that your health card has expired, it’s important to renew it immediately so you can keep getting subsidized medical services. You can renew it either online or by going to a medical facility. 

The health card is about the size of a driver’s license and has basic information about the cardholder, like their nationality and picture.

Online Health Card Renewal

You can renew your health card on the Hukoomi portal to make the process more convenient. It’s not just your health card you can renew; you can also renew your family members’ health cards.

When you’re on the Hukoomi portal, follow these steps to renew your health card:

  • Fill out the necessary information about yourself or the person whose card needs to be renewed
  • In the “Card Information page” write your Qatar ID number, then select “Renew (Update Expiry Date).” After that, click “Next”
  • To renew the card, choose the “Number of Required Years” and the applicant’s telephone number found on the “Application Form” page
  • If you choose to receive the receipt voucher by email, choose “Yes”
  • You can also choose “Yes” if you want to receive SMS notification
  • Once done, click “Next” to proceed to the “Payment Details” page, then select “Pay”
  • You will be given instruction on how much to pay and where to submit your application

Remember, you can renew your health card online through the portal  24/7.

Offline Health Card Renewal

If you are near an HMC facility you can also choose to bring your health card there for renewal. Here are the steps:

  • Adult residents need to bring their QID, valid residence permit, and old health card
  • Children residents will also bring their above mentioned requirements, plus the original QID of the sponsor
  • Domestic staff are required to present all the aforementioned documents
  • Applicants will pay the corresponding fee at the Cashier counter

Note that the facility is open for health card renewal during morning working hours

Cost of Renewing the Health Card

Here are the fees depending on the applicant type:

  • Qatar residents (adult or children) – QR 50
  • Domestic staff – QR 50

Video Tutorial on Health Card Renewal

This YouTube video from ILoveQatar can also help you understand the process of renewing your health card. This short presentation also tells you how to pay the renewal fee for online transactions. 

Map of Hamad Medical Corporation

The Hamad Medical Corporation is the main health care provider in the country. Here is the map to help you get to the hospital:

How to Find the Nearest Health Center

There are more than 31 health centers in Qatar, providing primary health care for both citizens and residents. Each health center is equipped with comprehensive facilities to provide urgent care, dental and oral services, and wellness facilities. To find the nearest health center, you can use MyHealth or contact Nesma’ak at 16060 or Hayyak at 107. Additionally, you can request a change to your assigned health center.

You can also refer to this map.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of Qatar health card?

The Qatar health card provides free treatment at the health centers, while those who will proceed to HMC can avail of subsidized medical services. You can also purchase medicines at subsidized costs from government-run facilities. Even if you don’t have a private insurance, you can still avail of quality healthcare/ 

Can I request to reprint the health card?

If you need a replacement health card, you can visit the nearest health center and request one. Qatar residents need to bring a copy of their QID, a valid residence permit, and the old health card (especially if it’s damaged). Meanwhile, domestic staff are required to present the same documents along with the original QID of their sponsor

How much does it cost to replace my lost health card?

Qatar residents will pay QR 200 for card replacement that has expired. Meanwhile, you will pay QR 100 if the card to be replaced is still valid.

Can I pay using my debit card to renew my health card?

While some health centers accept debit cards for payment, there are also some that only accept cash. You can choose to bring your debit card when you renew, but it’s better to bring cash just in case.

Can I renew my card before it expires?

You can renew your health card at any time, even before it expires.  There will be no fines or penalties if your card’s validity expired, but you will not be able to avail of the benefits with an expired card. It is better to keep it updated in case of emergencies. 

How long will it take to renew my health card?

It only takes a few minutes to renew your health card. After all, you will not get a new card, instead the information will be updated in the system. 

What is the Nar’aakom app?

This new app, which can be downloaded through Google Play or Apple App Store, allows Qatar residents to use the healthcare facilities through the smartphone. When you use this app, you can find the necessary information such as health card number, health card expiry, and the family physician from PHCC. Most importantly, you can renew your health card through this app as well.

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