How Much Does a Cleaner in Qatar Earn?

Are you interested in working as a cleaner in Qatar? A cleaner’s responsibilities include cleaning, stocking and supplying certain areas. These include sweeping, dusting, mopping, vacuuming and other related tasks. A cleaner may also be responsible for the maintenance and inspection of the areas, and ensuring that a certain routine is being followed to the tee.

If you are capable of performing these tasks and more, and if you have proven experience of being a professional cleaner, then a job opportunity to Qatar may be the one you’re looking for. Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world, and as a consequence, employees get paid really high salaries. You may be wondering how much a cleaner earns in Qatar.

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OFW Cleaner Salary in Qatar

The following article provides the experience of a cleaner in Qatar, through a YouTube video created by the YouTube channel George Viray.

This video is the first in a series of vlog entries from the YouTube channel, most of which discuss the life of a cleaner in Qatar. In this particular example, there are four employees who act as cleaners for a house owned by a wealthy Qatari citizen. Out of the four cleaners, one is the supervisor who still cleans the house even as he supervises the other members of the group.

Their work schedule starts at 7:00 AM to 12:00 Noon. The YouTuber is a former seaman who also worked as a cleaner in Pangasinan, so he has some experience with this line of work he is handling in Qatar.

Unlike his previous jobs, however, it was pointed out that there was no system in place when it comes to what work needs to be done at what particular time. What happens is that the supervisor decides what to clean for that day and the other members of the team comply.

The cleaner also mentioned that they are accommodated just within the lot area of the house. He also mentioned the name of the agency that helped him find this job: M and M Placement International Inc.

A Typical Workday

In one video in the vlog series, the cleaner shared his day’s task. During that day, the cleaners were tasked to clean three balconies of the house. They used regular cleaning materials like brushes, buckets of water and brooms, to clean the balconies. It was a particularly hot day when they cleaned, and the cleaner mentioned how they sweated easily due to the weather.


In a separate video, the cleaner mentioned in one of the comments that his monthly salary is equivalent to not less than Php 20,000. He refused to specify the actual salary for privacy purposes, but according to the Work Abroad website, the minimum salary of a cleaner in Qatar is USD 300, while the maximum is USD 1,200. That’s equivalent to around Php 15,000 to Php 60,900 pesos. If you are a cleaning manager, you are paid with a minimum salary of QR 2000, to QR 2,500. That is equivalent to Php 27,900 to Php 34,850.

Working as a cleaner is not the easiest job, and you need to have lots of dedication and passion for this work. In Qatar, cleaners are well-compensated. They can definitely earn money and save for themselves and their families.