VIDEO: Filipina Housekeeper Builds 7-Bedroom Dream House in Philippines

Dreams do come true, coupled with hard work and determination. This is based on the experience of our kababayan in Qatar, Lorena Busania, from Panggasinan as shared in a video uploaded on YouTube.

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Ate Lorena worked as a housekeeper in Qatar in 2008. Even before she worked abroad, it was her dream to have her own house.

Note: Information shared here is based on the vlog posted on YouTube Channel @TopMixTV. If you have any specific inquiries, please check out the video poster for more details.

qatar housekeeper builds 7 br house
Photo Credit: TopMixTV Youtube channel

11 Years in Qatar, Filipina Domestic Helper Builds 7-Bedroom House and Lot

Ate Lorena has been working as a housekeeper for 11 years in Qatar. The fruit of her labor is the 7- bedroom, four-toilet and bath that she now owns.

In 2008, she began her work in Qatar as a housekeeper. The construction of her house was completed in 2019. Ate Lorena said that it was difficult to support the construction of the house when her income was just enough.

But since she is determined to have her own house, she continuously saved a portion of her salary. She kept thinking that one day she will have a beautiful house like the one she cleans for a living.

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Nothing is Impossible

She realized that nothing is impossible if you have a dream.  If you work hard, you will achieve your dream. Ate Lorena still cannot believe that she and her family now live in a big house like the ones she works for in Qatar.

Her advice for other OFWs: Believe in your dreams and work hard. And eventually, you will achieve your goal. Indeed, even if the achievement of your dream takes a long time. Just keep on believing, and being focused on achieving it, and it will come true.  She also said that life is like a wheel, so don’t lose hope. If you stop persevering, then you will not reap success.

So let Ate Lorena’s story inspire us.  Building the house was her sole responsibility. And she achieved it with her income as a house cleaner.  Even if her work was sometimes difficult, she got used to it because she wanted to achieve her dream. Her family also inspires her.

Watch her story here:

Save Money

Trials and limitations should not deter us from achieving our dream. As Ate Lorena showed us, even if her salary is just enough for her family, she still set aside some funds towards the construction of her house. And now, she is enjoying the result of her hard work.

It would also help to have the whole family on board to achieve a goal as important as owning a house. Everyone can cooperate by ensuring that the family budget will be followed and that there will be no unnecessary spending.

Start Saving Early

In the meantime, it would also help to research ways to save money. Should you place your savings in a bank? Or will your money grow if you invest it in the meantime?

Other OFWs took the plunge and started the house construction at the beginning of their contract, so there will be a sure source of construction funds. Others would work on the house phase by phase until it is completed.  In the end, you will decide what’s best for you. Don’t give up on your dreams.

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