How Much Does a Domestic Helper in Qatar Make?

Are you interested in applying as a domestic helper in Doha, Qatar? Are you curious about how much you will make as an OFW Domestic helper? The truth is, there is no one specific answer to this question, because ultimately, it depends on the employer. It also depends to a certain extent on the kind of lifestyle you are willing to live by as you stay in Qatar.

However, we can refer to examples from individual domestic helpers actually working in Qatar. The insight that these workers provide can give us a good glimpse of how much we can earn. This article is an example, and so as a disclaimer, the information here comes from the opinion of one domestic helper in Doha, Qatar.

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What is the Monthly Salary of a Domestic Helper Based in Doha?

Check out the following video about the experiences of a domestic helper named Lodie in Doha, Qatar, including how much she earns on a monthly basis.

During the early 2000s, the salary of a Qatari domestic helper is around 500 to 800 Qatari Riyal. That is equivalent to around 6,900 Philippine Pesos to 11,100 Philippine Pesos. At that rate, it seems impractical to leave the Philippines for such a meager salary.

But now, most Domestic Helper contracts now require a minimum wage of 400 US dollars, equivalent to about 20, 200 Philippine pesos.

Rights and Privileges of a Domestic Helper

When you apply as a domestic helper in Qatar, you need to be aware that you have rights and privileges which are outlined in the Domestic Worker’s Law; a law that also applies to nannies, gardeners, cooks and drivers. The law covers several things, including the right to work only at most 10 hours daily, having a weekly rest day, having 3 weeks of leave privileges, and an end-of-service pay.

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Employer Contract

In the video above, the domestic helper mentioned that in the contract that she signed while still in the Philippines, she was told that she would receive a monthly salary of QAR 1800. This is equivalent to 25,000 Philippine Pesos.

But when she arrived in Qatar, she said that her employer didn’t follow the contract and opted instead to pay an older rate of QAR 1,460 or equivalent to 20,700 Php.

This does outline the fact that a similar scenario can happen when you apply to be a domestic helper.

On the other hand, the domestic helper is grateful, still, because her employer gets her free personal things, like soap and other essentials. Also, the salary, while lower than initial expectations, is still good enough, and is an amount that is hard to get for employees like her in the Philippines.

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Comparing Salaries of Foreign Domestic Helpers

In fact, she mentioned that the salary in Qatar as a domestic helper is bigger than in Saudi Arabia. Also, she added that in Qatar, and the Middle East in general, Filipino domestic workers are paid more than most other nationalities, like Indonesian, Bangladeshi, Ethiopian.

But this has something to do with the currency exchange rates of the other countries. While they are paid less in QAR compared to the Filipinos, they essentially get the same value when converted to their hometown’s currency.

Working as a domestic helper is no easy task, but in Qatar, there is a level of assurance that you will get a decent paying job and protection from the rights thoughtfully put in place by the Qatari government.