Is it Safe to Work as a Domestic Helper in Qatar?

Many are wondering if it’s safe to work as a domestic helper in Qatar. After all, there are many reports of our kababayans going abroad to work but end up getting abused by their employer.

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Reports of maltreatment from Middle East countries, and in some other countries as well are always news staples. If you compare the news among the Middle East countries, you will notice that Qatar has the lowest incidence of employer abuse.

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Working Conditions and Other Questions as a Domestic Worker / Housemaid in Qatar

Today, we look at the YouTube video of “DH in Qatar” as she shares her experience in working as a domestic helper in Qatar. Aside from that, she discusses frequently asked questions regarding life and other requirements.

Our vlogger is currently working as a domestic helper in Qatar. Her choices of destination are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar. Among the three countries, our vlogger chose to go to Qatar. She noticed that there were hardly any reports of abuse on domestic helpers there.

She says that one of the reasons is that the employers follow the government’s rules regarding the treatment of household help.

She also shares her knowledge about the working conditions and way of life in Qatar. These are useful information to those who want to try their luck in the country. Her discussion is as follows:

  • It is safe to go out even at night.
  • For women, there is no need to wear an abaya.

The usual attire of Filipino women is jeans and a t-shirt. Some even wear skirts. Casual wear is allowed when going out. But Qatari women are required to wear an abaya.

  • Giving of free food to domestic staff varies from household to household.

Some employers provide free food, and some do not. In the case of our vlogger, her employer gives her a food allowance so she can buy the food she wants. Since rice and chicken are the staples at home, she can buy other kinds of food when she goes out.

  • Day off for domestic helpers

Once again, allowing a rest day depends on the employer. Some are given a day off. But if the employer does not give any, our vlogger advises that rest day and going out can wait until one is back in the Philippines. Just finish the contract and come home after.

  • Wearing of hijab

Some employers require their domestic staff to wear a hijab because they don’t want to see the hair. The employer will provide the hijab to be used.

Watch the YouTube video here:

As a piece of advice to those who have started working as domestic helpers, our vlogger said that they can go back to the agency within three months if they feel that they will not get along with the employer. Most importantly, if the employer abuses the staff within those three months, they can report to the agency and asked to be transferred elsewhere.

It is also advisable to inform the employer of the desire to leave the household. This will avoid any misunderstanding between the two parties.

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