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    Arabic 101: Learn These Common Arabic Words and Numbers

    One way to foster camaraderie with your employer is to speak their language. You can also earn potential points if you can speak like them and understand them.

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    So if you plan to work in Qatar, equip yourself with basic Arabic words and phrases to help you in your day-to-day transactions. Even if you are already working in Qatar, it never hurts to brush up on your knowledge as well.

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    Useful Arabic Words and Phrases

    To help start the conversation going, here are some words and phrases that you can use. Be familiar with these words, so you can converse properly with the people around you.

    Basic Greetings

    Hello                                As salaamu alaykum

    Good morning                   Sabahu al-hayir

    Good afternoon                 Masa al-hayir

    Good night                        Tusbih ala hayr

    What’s your name?            Ma ismuk?

    Nice to meet you                Tasarrafna

    See you later                     Arak lahiqan

    Goodbye                            Ma’ al-salamah

    How are you?                     Kaifa haluka?

    Please                                Min fadhlik

    Thank you                           Sukran

    You’re welcome                   Afwan

    No                                     La

    Yes                                    Na’am

    Okay                                 Hasanan

    Excuse me                          Udran

    I’m sorry                            Ana asif

    When Shopping

    What is this?                              Ma hadha?

    How much is this?                      Bikam hadha?

    Could I get the check, please?     Al-hisab law samahi

    For getting directions or traveling

    Left                                                        Al-yasaar

    Right                                                      Al-yameen

    Help                                                       Al-nagdah

    What time is it?                                       Kam al sa ah?

    Wait a moment                                       Intazir lahzah

    Where is …?                                           Ayna…?

    Where is the restroom?                           Ayn al-mirhad?

    Where is the bank?                                  Ayna al maraf?

    The police station                                    markazash-shurta

    Hospital                                                 Mustashfa

    Airport                                                  al mataar

    Embassy                                                Safaara

    Arabic Numbers

    One                                                       wahed

    Two                                                       ethnein

    Three                                                    thalatha

    Four                                                       arba-a

    Five                                                       khamsa

    Six                                                         sitta

    Seven                                                    sab-a

    Eight                                                      thamanya

    Nine                                                      tis-a

    Ten                                                        ashara

    To better help you in pronouncing some of the Arabic words you’re studying, you can watch instructional videos or podcasts.  Here is an example of a YouTube video that you can use:

    At the start, you might feel awkward in pronouncing these new words. But to some people who have successfully learned a new language, the secret is to keep practicing. Devote just a few minutes each day to read these phrases, and keep increasing your vocabulary of Arabic words. You can also watch Arabic shows to further familiarize yourself with the language. Or better yet, talk to native speakers so they can coach you with the words you’re using.

    It is also a good idea to start with learning how to pronounce the Arabic words, before moving on to learning how to write and read. Just keep a steady pace until you master this new language.

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