Tips for Learning a New Language While Working in Another Country

If you have plans of working abroad, such as Qatar, take note that knowing the language can be a great help. You’ll be able to adapt quickly. And you’ll be able to show your employer why you are a good fit for the job.

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It might seem impossible at first, especially if you have been using the same language since you were young. The good news is that you can succeed in your quest to adapt to a new one.

practice everyday

How to Succeed in Adding More Languages

One of the ways that you can succeed in work is to know the language of your host country. For one, you can share your ideas freely during discussion. And you could take on more roles that you would otherwise not get if you don’t know the local lingo.

Let’s discuss the steps you can do:

  1. Use technology to learn the language immediately. Even if you are still in your home country, you could start becoming familiar with the language you wanted to master. You can listen to podcasts or take online lessons. It should not matter if you actually learn from the audio, what’s important is that you become familiar with the sounds and short phrases.
  2. Practice speaking the language. You can pronounce the words out loud. Or you could talk to a native speaker so you have a chance to see how the words roll out of your tongue. Your attempts might seem funny initially, but remember that this is the first step in mastering the language.
  3. Jot down notes. Another way to learn is to list down unfamiliar words that you hear. Then you can look up the meaning or ask the translation from someone who speaks it. Pretty soon, you’ll have a long list of words that you know. Remember to use them in conversation, whenever applicable.
  4. Remember common phrases. This advice has some language experts protesting. But there are some people who benefit from learning this way. Besides, you’ll be able to use the string of words in a conversation than if you were just learning a single word daily.
  5. Get a study buddy. Teaming up with someone makes you more motivated to learn. You will have to find someone to remind you and compare notes with. The best part is you can mispronounce some words and won’t feel shy about it.
  6. Turn to music. It would be good to listen to foreign songs, especially if these are in the language that you are studying. This way, you will hear how to pronounce the words. You will also know how these might be used in conversations.

Keep Learning

At the end of each day, you should be able to spend some time to review what you have learned. Earlier, you listed unfamiliar words you heard or saw. Now is the time to read these again, plus all the new words you have learned.

You should not feel frustrated if you do not pick up new knowledge at first. The important thing is to keep practicing. Pretty soon, you will find yourself speaking like a native!

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