Amwaj Matar Filipino Restaurant: Home of Your Favorite Local Food

If you are looking for home-cooked food that reminds you of home, then Amwaj Matar Filipino Restaurant could be your next favorite destination. Right in the heart of Matar Kadeem, you won’t just get Filipino food. But you can also meet kababayans.

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The good thing is that you won’t have to spend too much to get a taste of your much-loved food.

Filipino food

Your Next Destination for Pinoy Food

No matter how long you’ve been staying in Qatar, you’ll always miss your favorite local meals. If you are in Matar Kadeem, you might want to visit Amwaj Matar Filipino Restaurant and check out their menu.

Breakfast Meals at Affordable Prices

With breakfast as the most important meal of the day, you should have it before going to work. In case you don’t have time to cook, there’s no need to worry. The restaurant offers breakfast meals such as tapsilog, hotsilog, and cornedsilog. Each meal costs around QR 17.

Lunch and Dinner Offerings

Lunch or dinner is the perfect time to bond with friends, family, or coworkers. With the various menu choices, everyone in your group is sure to find something they like.

For the chicken specials, you can choose from afritada, sinampalukang manok, chicken teriyaki, and many more. The price for each meal ranges from QR 15 to QR 20.

Beef lovers are also spoilt for choices with papaitan, special bulalo, and Korean beef, among others. You can almost recall feasts back home with these kinds of menus. The price ranges from QR 22 to QR 30.

Do you prefer to eat vegetables? You can have familiar favorites such as chopsuey with quail egg, ginataang kalabasa or gising gising. The cheapest meal is QR 12, while the more expensive meal is QR 22.

If you like seafood, some of the menus that you can choose are adobong pusit, calamares, or gambas. The price for seafood meals ranges from QR 20 to QR 30.

Since any Filipino celebration will not be complete without noodles, you can also choose from the special noodles selection on the restaurant’s menu. Whether you are looking for lomi, spaghetti, or pancit bihon, you can find it here. Of course, you can also order comfort food such as arroz caldo or mami. Meals under this selection costs around QR 16 to QR 20.

Combo Meals and More for Everyone

If you want to try as much food as possible, you might want to order the combo meals. Each one contains rice and two servings of viands. The meal costs QR 25 plus of a can of soda. Some of the meals that you can order are tortang talong & sisig or fresh lumpia and fried chicken.

You can also avail of the group meal, which costs QR 89. You can choose any two meals from the beef, chicken, or seafood menu. Then, add a vegetable dish, 4 cups of plain rice, and 1.25 liter of soda. In case you want to have unlimited rice, you only need to add QR 10. Meanwhile, you will also add QR 10 if you want to order egg-fried rice.

If you are looking for lighter meal options, you can order from the selection of sandwiches. Some items on the menu are chicken fillet plates or chicken sandwiches. The price starts at QR 4.

On the other hand, you might want to try the Chinese special if you want to veer away from your favorite Pinoy food. You can try the chicken mushroom soup or fish chili Chinese.

More Information About the Restaurant

Store hours:     7 AM to 12 AM

Address:          Flat No. 8 Bldg. No. 12, Al Matar Qadeem St., Doha

(Opposite Hot Bread Bakery, Matar Qadeem)

Service options: Dine-in, takeout or delivery

For delivery, call: +974 44552716

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