Grilled Food and More at Inihaw Time

If you’re looking for authentic Filipino cuisine as well as a wide array of grilled food, look no further than Inihaw Time in Mansoura.

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This family-owned restaurant offers your usual favorites. The establishment offers catering, dine-in, takeout, and delivery for its customers.

chicken meals

Wide Array of Food Options

When you are in Mansoura, planning your next meal won’t be a problem. Just go to Inihaw Time and choose from best-seller dishes including the best barbeque in town.

If you prefer eating chicken, you can choose from the various chicken meal offering. They have a chicken barbeque, fried chicken, or roasted chicken. For beef dishes, you can order beef shanghai or kare-kare. Some meals come with rice.

For pasta or noodle dishes, Inihaw Time offers spaghetti, palabok bihon, and many more. As a side meal, you can order laing.

After the main course, you might want to try something sweet. Some of your options would be the leche flan or buko pandan.

Since Inihaw Time also offers catering service, you can order your favorite pancit meals in takeaway trays. The meals are easy on the pocket as well.

Delivery would be the next best option when you can’t visit the restaurant. Their delivery partners are Wishbox, Talabat, and Snoony.

Hours of Operation

11 AM to 8 PM

Contact Details

Whatsapp 7770 1125

Social Media Account

How to Get to Inihaw Time

There are many ways to get to Inihaw Time. If you are taking a car or taxi, you could take the C-Ring Road. The road will lead you to Al Mansoura, and from there you can find your way to the restaurant. Another route you could take is the Doha Highway. One of your landmarks could be the Mansoura Family Park.

If you prefer to take the Mowasalat bus, there are some bus stops nearby. It will be quite a walk, but at least you will be in the vicinity. There are two stops at the Al Mansoura Station, and the buses to take are M115 and M117. The buses come from Al Ghanim bus station and the other is from Asian Town bus station.

Another convenient way to get to the restaurant would be to take the Doha Metro. The Al Mansoura Station is along the Green Line. But it won’t be a problem if you are near the Gold or Red Line, because you can transfer to the designated station.

Other Places to See in Mansoura

If you have plenty of time to spare, there are many other sights in Al Mansoura that you can go to. After a hearty meal, what better way than to walk around and enjoy the scenery?

Mansoura Family Park

The Al Mansoura Family Park is an excellent place to bring the whole family. The little ones will enjoy playing at the mini-park. But if you are visiting by yourself, you can still enjoy your stay. Previous visitors to the park recommend going jogging at night. There is a jogging path that you can take. And the place is not always crowded.

Government Offices

There are government offices in Al Mansoura. These are as follows: Attestation and Certificates Equivalency Unit, State Audit Bureau. General Electricals Office, and Job Qualifying Centre.

So what are you waiting for? At Inihaw Time, your food cravings are just one order away!

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