Popular Filipino Restaurants in Qatar

A number of Filipino restaurants franchises are now in Qatar. So for our kababayans, you are only one ride away from your favorite Philippine restaurant. You don’t have to leave the country to eat at Max’s Restaurant, Barrio Fiesta, and Gerry’s Grill. A special addition is the homegrown Filipino coffee shop, Bo’s Coffee.

Keep in mind that these restaurants still do not carry pork dishes.  If ever, beef is used as substitute. Majority of these restaurants are not found in malls, but are stand-alone. Parking can also be a challenge, so another option is to have the food delivered.

popular filipino restaurants in qatar

Where to Eat When Craving for Filipino Food in Qatar

With the growing number of Filipinos in Qatar, it is no wonder that Filipino restaurants will also put up a branch here. Here are the restaurants to go to:

Max’s Restaurant – there are two branches in Doha: Al Sadd and B-Ring Rd. The Al Sadd branch is open from 8AM to 11PM, while the one in B-Ring Rd is from 11AM to 10PM. Max’s offers these new menus: grilled dishes, sizzlers, seafood and Filipino favourites like Adobo, Sisig, Tokwa’t Baka, Inihaw na Pusit and Boneless Chicken BBQ and Beef Ribs Humba. This restaurant is one of the top choices for birthday parties and other milestones.

Image Credit: Max’s Restaurant website

Barrio Fiesta – located in Al Muthanna Complex, Salwa Road, Doha. It is open 24 hours. It offered an “Iftar Buffet”  during Ramadan. Barrio Fiesta is known for its buffet meals, the dishes served are beef, chicken, seafood, noodles, rice, soup, and appetizers.

Image Credit: Barrio Fiesta Qatar FB

Gerry’s Grill – there are two branches: Al Mirqab Al Jadeed St. In Doha and in Lulu Mall, Barwa City. The Doha branch is open from 11:30 AM to 11:30 PM, while the Barwa branch opens at 10 AM until 10 PM. Some of the best sellers are inihaw na pusit, crispy mutton, sizzling beef sisig, bangus sisig, beef kare-kare, nilagang bulalo, beef kaldereta, and inihaw na manok. Gerry’s Grill’s affordable food choices make it an ideal place for get-together of friends and families.

Image Credit: Gerry’s Grill Qatar FB

Bo’s Coffee – this coffee shop originated in Cebu City, Philippines. It is located in Bin omran, Doha. Shop hours are: 10 AM to 2 AM on Thursday to Saturday,1 PM to 2 AM on Friday, and 10 AM to 1 AM on Friday.  Bo’s Coffee serves coffees, teas, pastries,  breads, and juices.

Image Credit: Bo’s Coffee Qatar FB

Jollibee – it’s difficult not to put Jollibee on the list. The number one fast food chain in the Philippines where you can taste the Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti, Burgersteak, etc. This restaurant is synonymous to Filipino childhood and family bonding. So it’s great that there are a number of shops around the country. Here’s a list of Jollibee branches in Qatar

jollibee qatar branches
Jollibee branch in Doha, Qatar
Image credit: Jollibee Qatar FB Page

Did we miss some in the list? Let us know in the Comments section so we can update this article 🙂