5 Facts About the Qatar Food Scene

When it comes to having a well-established food scene in the Middle East, most people think of Dubai. However, Qatar’s capital city, Doha, is making waves recently and slowly proving its presence. If you haven’t been to Qatar yet, then you should know that there are many reasons to visit this amazing country. In this article, we will focus on 5 of the most delicious reasons to travel to Qatar.

When one thinks of Qatar, one should think about how the country manages to blend the modern with the traditional. This characteristic is prevalent in many aspects of its society, including the architecture, lifestyle, and even in the food served. If you want to try out the more traditional dishes, you can always do so. But Doha has embraced a level of multiculturalism which makes the food scene in the capital extremely diverse, and for all the right reasons.

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Why Qatar’s Food Scene is Great

1. Huge Food Diversity

As early as five years ago, we wouldn’t expect Doha to have such a diverse food scene like it does now. Now we have restaurants from all over the world (Peruvian, Chinese, Filipino, you name it), with international chefs. Asian restaurants are particularly great in Doha, and are a hit among many tourists and locals alike.

2. Surprising Restaurants

Because of Qatar’s food scene diversity, one should expect to see some surprising restaurants in the area. You will probably expect a lot of Arabic restaurants and even some American restaurants, but you will be surprised to see a Scandinavian restaurant that offers some of the most unique food you’ll every experience. In addition, one might think that in Qatar, you only see brands and not many stand-alone restaurants. In fact, lately, there are new restaurants, some from migrant families, like the Mama Rozie Restaurant from an Indonesian/Malaysian family, that are quite a hit in Qatar because of their authenticity.

3. Famous Dishes

While you’re in Qatar, it is almost mandatory to try out the national dish, Machboos. Machboos is a stew of Saudi Arabian origin, mixed with vegetables, fish or meat, and served with a bed of Biryani; long-grained and good smelling rice. Another food you need to try is halwa, a dessert which smells so nice. It is made up of rose water, raisins, nuts, sugar and fruit pulp.

4. Where to Eat

There are lots of good restaurants in Souq Waqif, but if you truly want to experience authentic food, then don’t go eat at one of the chain restaurants at the Souq. Instead, enjoy a meal or two at the alleys where Qatari locals sell homemade dishes. Another place to eat out is at Katara and the Msheireb.

5. Food Delivery Services

When you just don’t want to cook or go out to eat, you can always rely on food delivery services to let the food come to you. All you need is to download either of the following food delivery apps for your convenience. These apps include Talabat, Rafeeq, Carriage, Entertainer, and Akly. All of these apps are available on Android or iOS, and most of them have a food delivery free of 10 QR or less (in some cases even free delivery!).

There you have it, living in Qatar is a surefire way of having all the food you need and want. The food scene is Qatar is truly world-class.