5 Best Burgers in Qatar

If you’re in Qatar, you should check out the following burgers. Burgers, have, and will always be, one of the world’s favorite comfort foods. It seems everyone enjoys a burger wherever they are, but of course, some burgers have certain qualities that make them stand out above other burgers.

The following burgers stand out as among the best that are currently available in Qatar. Some of these burgers represent what a true-blue burger should be about, with classic and high-quality ingredients, while other burgers are excellent for their unique flavors and creative names.

best burger qatar

Where Best to Eat Burgers in Qatar

1. Burger Gourmet

This burger restaurant constantly reinvents the burger, adding unique ingredients for that special and unforgettable taste. To match, they come up with unique names for these special burgers, like Sgt. Pepper, Double Trouble, big boss and others. They also offer delicious side dishes and shakes.

2. Big Smoke Burger

Big Smoke Burger Qatar is located in Alhazm Mall, Al Markhiya Street, Doha. Originally based in Canada, their burgers are described as juicy, handcrafted, and use only high quality ingredients. Aside from burgers, Big Smoke Burger is also famous for their one of a kind beverages, traditional poutine, fresh salads and French Fries.

3. Duke Burger House

Duke Burger House offers genuine American-style burgers, and other American food, to Doha. The restaurant is even designed after a New York restaurant. Its variety of burgers include veggie, duke, classic hall, empire, Caeasar, spicy, Manhattan, and fish burgers. Aside from burgers, they have a variety of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner meals and drinks.

4. Jones the Grocer

Jones the Grocer is located at the Gate Mall, Doha. It is a casual restaurant that provides a high quality burger with fresh beef; something that is rare among casual restaurants. Aside from burgers, Jones the Grocer is also well-known for its special breakfast offerings. It is also a vegetarian friendly restaurant, with gluten free options.

5. Burgeri

Burgeri is a franchise from the United Kingdom. It offers classic burgers aside from their own creations that have unique ingredients. These burgers include black Angus beef classic burgers, cheesy classic burgers, special burgers that make you choose between American or Aged cheddar cheese. Other burgers include: Chicky, majestic, fish, Hawaiian, jalapeno, guacamole and mushroom melt burgers.

Are you craving for burgers yet? If you’re in Qatar right now, be sure to check out these burger joints and restaurants. There are several other restaurants offering great burgers as well; a testament to how amazing the food scene in Qatar is.