How to Travel to Qatar on a Tight Budget

Qatar is a popular destination not just for tourists but also for those looking to work as expats. Doha, the capital city, has a lot to offer for tourists and workers alike. It is a modern city, with impressive skyscrapers, shopping facilities that have the best brands, tourist spots for the adventurous, and more.

If you’re on a tight budget and plan to visit Qatar, the following are some tips you must remember.

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Going to Qatar on a Tight Budget

1. Visiting Souq Waqif

While Qatar is filled with high-end malls and expensive designer stores, you should definitely check out the more traditional markets to get an authentic feel for the country. Not only that, these traditional markets sell cheaper stuff if you know where to look. One of these markets is the Souq Waqif. It is a labyrinth that sells everything from scented oils to diamonds, and even falcons. If you want to find cheaper items, then you have to visit the inner lanes; the outer ones sell the more expensive items.

2. Booking Hotels

If you’re booking a hotel on your visit to Qatar, then you have to know where the budget ones are. In particular, hotels found on the Doha Corniche or the Doha Bay are quite expensive. These hotels can price high because of the view they can provide customers. However, if you’re not really concerned about having a good view, you can try booking at hotels near souqs, or within the city. Some of these budget hotels include Kingsgate Hotel Doha, Al Bustan Hotel, Ezdan Hotel, Gulf Horizon Hotel, Horizon Manor Hotel, and Al Muntazah Plaza Hotel.

3. Free Things to Do in Doha

To enjoy Qatar, you don’t always have to pay. There are places you can go to for free, all the while enjoying the scenery and appreciating the country for its beauty. One thing you can do is visit The Pearl, a man-made island which spans close to 4 square kilometers. It is called such because its location used to be one of Qatar’s major pearl diving sites.

You can also visit the cultural village of Katara, which has lots of museums, galleries, an amphitheater, and basically just a good place to hang out with your friends and enjoy the local food especially at night. Finally, you can also check out the Museum of Islamic Art, which showcases a large collection of Islamic Art from around the globe.

Indeed, Qatar has a lot to offer, not just to those who can afford the expensive commodities, but to those visiting on a tight budget. That way, people from all walks of life can enjoy what this beautiful country has to offer.