5 Best Places to Shop in Doha

Are you a fan of shopping? If so, Doha is the right place for you. The best thing about shopping in Qatar’s capital city is that it offers a lot of shopping options, whether you want to buy local and traditional products or get your hands on what’s in globally. As has been mentioned several times in this website, Qatar has successfully amalgamated both the traditional and the modern in various aspects of society, and that includes shopping.

Of course, you can always visit the high-end hypermalls of Doha, but the best places to shop are often the places that not many people are aware of. There are lots of hidden shopping gems in Doha which we are about to explore in this article. Some of these shopping places, while popular, may turn out surprising even for the avid shoppers, simply because they have a lot more to offer than you think.

doha mall

Surprisingly Good Places to Shop in Doha

1. Souq Waqif

A visit to Souq Waqif can be intimidating at the beginning. That’s because it has so many wonderful choices to offer, most showcasing the culture and tradition in Qatar. You can buy local handicraft at this Souq. You also have spices, jewelry, textiles and so much more, and it remains one of the busiest markets of Qatar. In fact, the Souq Waqif has a long history, dating back to the nomadic Bedouin where the place became its primary trading center. The Souq Waqif is located at Al Souq Street in Doha.

2. Doha Festival City

Doha Festival City is one of Doha’s largest malls. As such, it has a lot of available retail stores to choose from, and you can almost buy anything you want or need at this mall. However, Doha Festival City is probably most known for its entertainment section. If you’re going to the Doha Festival City with your family, and especially if you’re bringing kids with you, then you’ll surely enjoy Angry Birds park, or Snow Dune, and more.

3. Wholesale Market

If you’re looking to buy fresh produce like fruits and vegetables, and even meat and fish, then the best option is the Wholesale Market. It is located at the Wholesale Market Street in Doha, a road near Salwa road and Haloul street. Typically, when people buy at this market, they buy wholesale, or in large quantities. Meat is sold displayed and there are even live cows, sheep or goats for sale.

4. Corniche Fish Market

Have you tried eating seafood dishes at restaurants in Qatar and wondered where they come from and why they’re so delicious? Chances are, the seafood comes from the Corniche Fish Market located at the Corniche promenade. If you want to get fish fresh in this market, go there early morning, when the fishermen just arrive to display their catch. It will be busy though, and you have to be patient in getting your share of the rabbitfish, sea urchins, groupers, and more.

5. Alhazm Mall

It’s time to feature a high end mall. The Alhazm Mall is located at Al Markhiya Street, Doha. It has 125 shops, mostly featuring high end brands. Even the design of the mall signals high-end, with its Tuscan marble floors, open-air piazzas, archways, walkways that have olive trees, and a glass pyramid not unlike the Louvre.

Shopping in Doha is a breeze. With the plethora of malls available and the vast expanse of product choices, you will definitely get what you need.