Qatar and UAE Resume Postal Service

In a recent development with the Gulf Crisis, it has been reported that Emirates Post resumes its postal services to Qatar. Postal services started this February.

Mails and parcels will be sent through Oman Post since there are no direct flights from Qatar to UAE. This development in the postal service came about after a meeting with postal service from other Gulf countries.

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Qatar Can Now Receive Posts from UAE

Postal service between Qatar and UAE is now in operation. When the Gulf Crisis started almost three years ago, other nations in the Gulf region have stopped their operations and services with Qatar. But there is an improvement this year.

After a meeting with the United Nations Postal Service in Switzerland, the Emirates Post Group is now resuming its operations with Qatar Post. But since there are no direct flights between the two countries, all posts will be coursed through Oman Post in Oman. This news is useful to those who have relatives or friends in either country who need to get in touch with one another.

Get to Know Qatar Post

Now let us discuss the services that we can avail from the postal service.

First off, senders can track their package by going to the website: to enter their tracking or Qatar ID (QID) number. Tracking number will be used for item tracking, while QID number will be used for Metrash or Egovernment tracking.

For those who want to send or receive anything from the Qatar Post, here are the services that can be availed:

  • P.O. Box

Customers can purchase a PO BOX for QR 500/year. The benefits and features are: secure, privacy, consistency, convenience and accessibility.

A similar service is Zero PO Box where customers can pick up their mails and parcels at QPost General Office.  This is recommended to those who receive mails infrequently.

  • Connected

This is an eCommerce service that allows clients to purchase items from Asian, UK or US countries at competitive prices.

  • Home Delivery Services

Customers who availed of the PO Box can add this service by choosing the number of deliveries preferred.

One time home delivery – QAR 500/year

Three times home delivery – QAR 1,500/year

Five times home delivery – QAR 3,000/year

  • EMS

Express Mail provides effective shipping solutions for time-sensitive packages.  Deliveries are categorized into Qatar Express, Gulf Express, and Global Express.

Qatar Express provides express delivery within Qatar on the next working day.  Gulf Express delivers within GCC countries in three days. Global Express delivers mails and parcels in other countries.  Costing for EMS can be estimated by using the price calculator in QPost’s website.

  • Money Transfer

This service allows residents of Qatar an affordable, fast and safe way to transfer money internationally.

Postal Branches

There are 23 postal branches in the country, with 16 PO Box facilities. It also operates the largest vehicle fleet utilizing motor bikes to large trucks.

A the moment though, Qatar Post announced that it will temporarily stop sending and receiving mails from mainland China. This is due to the temporary suspension of Qatar Airways flights to the said country.