How to Get PO Box Number in Qatar

As a Qatar resident, have you ever wondered why your mail doesn’t come directly to your door as it does in other countries? The explanation is simple, and here we’ll tell you all about it. You can rent a PO Box number in Qatar from Q-Post, which offers domestic and international delivery services to all locations in Qatar.

Qatar Post is the national postal service of Qatar. It maintains more than 30 branches, serving domestic and international customers. In the state of Qatar, there are no postcodes or zip codes. All mail is delivered to a PO Box or post office box. Since there are no postal addresses available in Qatar, you must rent a PO Box in order to receive your mail.

All mail is delivered to a PO Box or post office boxes. Since there are no postal addresses available in Qatar, you must rent a PO Box in order to receive your mails.

Guide to Applying for a PO Box number in Qatar

Qatar Post provides mailing and parcel delivery services in Qatar. The website has information about mailing letters and parcels, as well as a range of other services, in English and Arabic.

Qatar has no postcodes or zip codes. Hence, mail is delivered by post office boxes.

Qatar has no organized system of street names and postal addresses. To receive letters, customers must rent a post office box. Qatar’s PO addresses should be laid out in a format of at least three and no more than five lines.

For example:

  • Addressee
  • PO Box number
  • Locality name

What is a PO Box in Qatar?

PO Boxes are available to rent from any post office in Qatar. The main post office is located on the Doha Corniche. To set up a PO Box number in Qatar, complete an application form, which is available in all post offices. Apply along with a copy of your ID, the fee and receive your card for an additional fee.

What is the Purpose of a PO Box in Qatar?

PO boxes in Qatar offer many advantages. To name a few: you get a permanent address, privacy of your home and private address, mail security as it is physically located inside the post office, and it is securely monitored.

Customers of Qatar Postal Services Company (Qatar Post), individuals or businesses, can check their PO BOX mail via the Qatar Post website.


When applying for a private PO Box in Qatar, you’ll only need to present the following:

  • An application form
  • A refundable deposit of QAR 100
  • Cash (minimum of QAR 500 per year)
  • A copy of your QID – this means that only legal Qatar residents can apply for a PO Box number

Step-by-Step Process: How to Get a PO Box in Qatar

To get a PO Box, go to the nearest Q-Post in your area, ask for the form to fill out, and submit it along with your Passport and RP photocopy. There is generally a waiting list, and they will call your number once a box becomes available.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I buy philatelic items (like stamps)?

You can buy stamps and other philatelic items through QPost’s Online Shop or visit any of their branches. To find your nearest branch, click HERE.

  1. Can I track my postal items?

Yes, you can! You can track your postal items online by clicking HERE.

  1. What are your working hours?

Branches are staffed by mail handlers (Qatar Post employees), and have their own operating hours. You may check the nearest branch’s opening hours by clicking HERE.

  1. Are there any restrictions on shipping certain items?

If you are sending packages by mail, please be aware that packages are subject to inspection by customs officials. Please do not include any of the items such as explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids, oxidizing substances, toxic and infectious substances, etc. in your shipments.

You may refer to Q-Post’s official list HERE.

  1. What does NAS stand for?

The National Authentication System (NAS) will be the national identity provider for all government services. It will enable secure authentication of individuals, digital signing, and single sign-on to government services.

  1. How do I register for an NAS ID?

You can visit and register using your valid Qatar ID. Then you can use your new username and password for all government e-services.

  1. Is it possible to get mail delivered to your doorstep in Qatar?

Yes, you can get mail delivered to your doorstep here in Qatar. The process is fairly simple. To enjoy the convenience of having mail delivered right to your home, sign up for a Qatar Post Home Delivery Service account. Here’s how:

Step 1: To begin, you need a PO Box subscription.

Step 2: After that, you can sign up for a subscription to Home Delivery Services. Anyone with a PO Box subscription may select the Home Delivery Services option.

The subscription prices are as follows:

One-time – QAR 500

Three times – QAR 1,500

Five times – QAR 3,000

Requirements: For a PO Box Subscription, you also need to provide your complete address (zone, street, and building number)

You may apply for Home Delivery Services Subscription HERE

  1. What are the features and benefits of Home Delivery Services from Qatar Post?

Home delivery services from Qatar Post offer a number of convenient features to customers. It helps you save money on shipping charges, time, and effort.

  • Security: The Home Delivery Services offer protection for your mail and avoid any loss or misplacement of your important documents and packages.
  • Consistency: If you decide to move home, your PO Box remains the same, but you need to notify Qatar Post of your new address.
  • Convenience: Postal delivery can be scheduled to arrive at regular intervals or be sent on an as-needed basis.


There are no houses, offices, or apartment complexes that have a PO Box number in Qatar. As a result, if you intend to send and receive mail in a PO Box, you will need to get one from Qatar Post. With this guide, you should be able to make the application procedure for a PO Box with Qatar Post as simple and stress-free as possible. Also, if you believe this information will be useful to your friends or family members, please share it with them!

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