What the New Normal is Like for OFWs in Qatar

The pandemic has caused almost all countries, including Qatar, to adopt strict quarantine and physical distancing measures, aiming to flatten the curve. This has resulted in major changes to how we live and interact with others.

How has the global health crisis affected your day to day life? What is your new normal? In this article, we look into the new normal of an OFW in Qatar.

Disclaimer: The information posted here is based on the personal experiences shared by the OFWs in the videos below. Please let this post serve as a guide only. If you have specific questions, you may ask the OFWs by commenting on their videos on their accounts.

new normal

Life of an OFW in Qatar in this New Normal Situation

The following video is by Cha Risse, an OFW YouTuber from Qatar. She shares her daily routine during this new normal, starting with the morning preparations before heading for work.

Use of Masks and Gloves

Cha Risse’s daily morning routine now involves wearing masks and gloves as the final step before heading out to work.

Even in the work place, you can see in the video that all her colleagues are wearing masks, although some are not wearing gloves.

Nowadays, in Qatar, when you don’t have a mask or gloves, you won’t be allowed inside establishments.

However, there are some establishments that provide gloves, but normally masks are not provided.

Going to the Office

While more cars are moving in the main highways of Qatar these days, it is far from the usual traffic in the “old normal.”

It can be quite a pleasure to drive for long stretches in the wonderfully paved roads of Qatar without traffic; in fact, without even seeing a single car sometimes.

Office Desk Protection

Cha Risse works in an office type setting where she has her own desk, with computers and documents and other important work-related stuff.

One important addition to the desk is a bottle of alcohol for sanitation and added protection from the virus.

A roll of tissue paper is available as well.

Before she starts working, she makes sure to apply alcohol on her hands as she removes her gloves.

She then wipes her smart phone with alcohol and tissue paper.

Lunch Break

From the video, one can see that the mood is light and the workers are confident that it is safe enough to share a meal together, enjoying each other’s company.

While one cannot get enough social distancing in this curious time we are living in right now, affording a little bit of leeway gives hope that things are getting better.

Going Home From Work

In this video, Cha Risse and her workmates went home early because its Ramadan.

The streets are much busier now compared to the earlier stages of the pandemic, when stricter quarantine measures are implemented.

Indeed, a lot more people are commuting, perhaps buying essential goods or going to or from work.

Arriving Home

Although not seen in the video, Cha Risse most likely proceeded to changing from working to home clothes after washing.

This is necessary to prevent any possible contamination from entering the home.

After the proper hygiene, that’s the time you can begin the chores for the rest of the day; in Cha Risse’s case in this video: cooking dinner, and finally retiring to sleep.

This is an example of the life of an OFW during this global health crisis. As you can see, there’s quite a lot of changes. It is important that we comply with the rules and guidelines, and be hopeful that things will get back to the normal we’re used to.