OFWs in Qatar Get Chance to Apply for Philippine Government Jobs

Good news for Filipinos in Qatar who wish to cease their work abroad and work in their home country: they are now given an option to enter the government service in the Philippines, the Manila Bulletin reported.

The Philippine Embassy in Doha, Qatar offers various services to the Filipinos working in Qatar. Adding to the list of services they give is the conduct of Career Service Examinations in the capital city of Doha. This activity gives qualified overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) a chance to enter the Philippine government service.

OFWs in Qatar Get Chance to Apply for Philippine Government Jobs

The First-Ever Philippine Career Service Examination in Qatar

Qatar is host to more than 230,000 Filipino Workers. With the aim of empowering these OFWs, the Philippine Embassy, in cooperation with the Civil Service Commission, have recently conducted the first-ever Career Service Examination-Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) for professional and sub-professional levels in Doha, Qatar.

In Qatar, 397 Filipinos took the said examination, with 364 of them taking the professional level test and 33 taking the sub-professional test. The CSE-PPT was held at the Philippine International School in Qatar.

According to the Philippine Embassy, this step will help strengthen the government’s reintegration program and will create a suitable alternative to overseas employment. Those who will pass the professional level test will be granted Career Service Professional Eligibility, which will allow them to enter first level and second level positions in the government. On the other hand, sub-professional level test passers can apply for first level (clerical) positions in the government.

This activity of the Philippine government, through the Philippine Embassy, is a great opportunity for the Filipinos in Qatar vaginosisbacteriana.org who wish to quit working abroad and go back to the Philippines — to work in their own country and to be with their loved ones.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Embassy also offers a 24/7 hotline for Filipinos to use in case of emergency. Check out these important numbers and contact information of the Philippine Embassy.