77,000 Work Visas Available for Filipinos in Qatar

Qatari Minster Dr. Issa Saad Al-Jafali Al-Nuaimi announced the availability of 77,000 employment visas for technical and highly-skilled jobs for Pinoys in Qatar. This was mentioned during a recent courtesy call done by Wilfredo C. Santos (Philippine Ambassador to Qatar).

A post from the official website of the Philippine Embassy in Doha states that Qatari Labor Minister promised thousands of working visas to overseas Filipino workers. This is great news and this further shows how Pinoy workers are much-wanted.

work visa pinoys qatar

Employment Visas in Qatar for Pinoys

Aside from talking about the huge opportunity, the officials Al-Nuaimi and Santos also discussed issues that OFWs are facing in Qatar. Ambassador Santos promised the Embassy’s commitment to cooperate with the Qatar Ministry to address these issues.

During the courtesy call, Ambassador Santos said that he wish to congratulate Dr. Al-Nuaimi in his new position as the Minister for Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs, and at the same time acknowledge with appreciation the ongoing labor reforms of Qatar that will surely benefit its migrant worker population, including OFWs. Lastly, he thanked the Minister for this wonderful news and promised to assist Qatar in facilitating the recruitment of qualified OFWs to finally issue these visas.

Minister Al-Nuaimi said that “these labor reforms are a testament to the Emir’s commitment to protect the welfare of its migrant workers.

Both sides agreed in convening the 3rd Joint Committee Meeting (JCM) on Labor Matters in the Philippines. The 1st JCM was convened in Bohol in 2009, followed by the 2ndround hosted by Doha from February 04 to 05.

Qatar is a high income economy and is a developed country, backed by the world’s third largest natural gas reserves and oil reserves. The country has the highest per capita income in the world.

Source: http://dohape.dfa.gov.ph/newsroom/embassy-news/217-qatari-labor-minister-77-work-visas-for-ofws-in-qatar-still-available