Where to Buy Pasalubong in Qatar

If you’re working in Qatar, you may be thinking about giving your family back home in the Philippines some delicacies and other pasalubong from the Gulf country. There are several stores in Qatar where you can find the best souvenirs to send back home, and we’ll look at a few of them in this list.

Qatar is well known for its amazing souvenirs and tasty delicacies. By sending some home, you are, in a way, letting your family experience a part of the culture the country; bringing them closer to your day to day experiences, the foods you eat and the things you use.


Best Souvenir Shops in Qatar

1. City Centre Mall

The City Centre is one of the older malls in Doha, and it may not look as fancy as the other newer malls, but just like finding treasure in a haystack, you will be surprised at how cheap some of the goods are. There are stores in the mall that sell chocolates for a very cheap price. Your family will surely enjoy seeing all the chocolates you sent them, and you can buy as many as you want because they are sold cheap at the City Center. There are many more delicacies for sale as well. Clothing, utensils and electronics can also be found at the mall for a very cheap price.

2. Iran Sweets and Nuts

Iran Sweets and Nuts is located in Najma Street, Doha. The shop has an assortment of delicacies, including grocery items, goods from various countries including the Philippines, various types of nuts, chips, all sorts of sweets, spreads, and more. They have a section dedicated to fresh nuts and chocolates that you can buy per kilo. That’s an advantage if you want to buy a bulk amount of nuts, candies, and chocolates you can send back home to the Philippines.

3. Al Shaheen Market Qatar

Al Shaheen Market is a Home Goods store in Doha. It offers lots of items such as household goods, toys, gift items, kitchen essentials, and more. Prices here are cheap as well; some cheaper than similar products found in bigger stores such as Hallmark or Lulu Hypermarket. Many reviewers online recommend this place to buy gift items at reasonable prices and they offer a wide selection to choose from. It is located in Al Matar Street.

4. Souq Waqif

The famous Souq Waqif will always be a go to when you want to buy souvenirs, especially if you’re looking for authentic goods that truly reflect Qatar’s culture. You can buy abayas, shawls, dates, wooden boxes, spices and more at the Souq. Your family will surely marvel at the unique gifts you will give them.

So there you have it. These four locations are just some of the many places you can buy pasalubong in Qatar. Just remember, set a budget, come up with a list, and think about what your family really wants so they will appreciate your gifts even more.