How to Verify Your Employment Contract in Qatar

If you’re an OFW in Qatar, you may have asked why you need to verify your employment contract. Well, there are many advantages. First, you become a verified OFW and become an automatic member of OWWA. A Verification of Contract is also a requirement to get an OEC. Furthermore, if you’re already a member of Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), your name is already on the list of OFWs. When problems arise, they will see that you are a registered OFW and provide the necessary aid.

In the video below, the vlogger talks about the steps need to verify the contract and what advantages an employee can get if their contract is already verified.

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The Steps Needed for Verification of Contract in Qatar

Process on Getting an Appointment for Verification

Getting an appointment for verifying your employment contract is very easy. You can do it online.

1. First, search POLO OWWA Appointment in Google, or go to the Polo Doha website.

2. In the website, click on Services then Appointment Online Booking. Then fillout the electronic application form. Choose “Contract Verification” under Resource, “Contract Verification” under Services. Then write your full name, Phone, Email and QID (optional).

3. Under the form, there is a Calendar. Choose the best time for you to go to POLO OWWA. If the slot is colored green, that means that time slot is still available. If red, that’s already taken. When you choose a slot, it turns yellow, and the appointment selection details is indicated at the bottom. Click reCAPTCHA (“I’m not a robot”) then click Submit.

4. After clicking Submit, you will be redirected to a document acknowledging your booking and listing the requirements for verification of contract.


Before going to POLO, you must submit the following requirements, which depends on the type of work you are doing overseas.

For Household Service Workers (HSWs), you need the:

  • original employment contract with all pages signed by the employer,
  • 2 copies of employer QID (front and back),
  • worker QID (front and back),
  • passport copy of worker (with at least 6 months validity by the time you are about to leave the Philippines).
  • You also need personal accident and life insurance from an insurance company in Qatar,
  • a copy of Qatar Health Card,
  • original current Employment Certificate (COE) signed by the employer or sponsor.

Now there is an additional requirement if you are either unregistered at the POEA, have a tourist, business, or family visit visa, have a company work visa but changed to domestic worker visa, transferred to a different employer but still in Qatar.

If you fall in any of those categories, you need to add, among other list of requirements, a Sworn Statement or Affidavit which explains the circumstances of your visa status change or employer change.

If you are a Skilled, Professional or Company Worker:

  • original signed Employment Contract by the Ministry of Labor (Government workers exempted),
  • 2 copies of worker QID and
  • 2 copies of worker Passport (with same validity as HSW requirements),
  • Original Current Certificate of Employment signed by the sponsor/ employer, with company stamp (if you don’t have this you can present your valid company ID or recent payslips).

If you are not registered at POEA, have a tourist, business, or family visit visa, or have worked in another country before except the Philippines, you need to add another requirement which is a Sworn Statement or Affidavit which explains the circumstances of how you are hired by your current employer.

Another requirement is added if you have a POEA record and you are going back to the same employer but he/she will assign you to another country. For this you will need the Letter from the employer explaining this circumstance.

Go to the POLO Office

The POLO Office is located at the 1st Floor, Al-Jazeera Tower, Conference Center Street, Doha. Wait for your turn then pay QR 40.00 for the contract verification fee.

Everything you need to know about Verification of Employment Contract is in the POLO Doha website. You should follow the steps carefully, and once successful, you will receive all the benefits of being a registered OFW.

DISCLAIMER: The topics presented in this article are for information-sharing purposes only. They may be used as a personal guide, but they should not be used as a basis for actual student-related concerns. To learn more about verifying your employment contract in Qatar, visit the POLO Doha website official website.