How to Book an Appointment for OWWA Membership Application/Renewal in Qatar

OFWs in Qatar and all over the world sacrifice so much for their families back home, making sure that the money they earn serves its purpose well. Because of this, OFWs plan their expenses strictly, even cutting on their share sometimes. With this in mind, the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), has partnered with the Philippine labor department to ensure that the needs of OFWs are well taken care of.

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We know that the OWWA has a lot of benefits and services they provide to its members – active or otherwise. That said, it’s important that you secure your membership wherever you may be in the world because you can greatly benefit from it in the future. For those based in Qatar, the first step to applying or renewing your membership in OWWA is to book an appointment. Learn about the process and other relevant information related to your OWWA membership as outlined in this guide. Keep on reading.

How to Book an Appointment for OWWA Membership Application/Renewal in Qatar
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Guide to Booking an Appointment for OWWA Membership Application/Renewal in Qatar

To get the most from OWWA, OFWs in Qatar must renew their membership every two years. This guarantees that they get the greatest bang for their buck. Who wouldn’t want that, right?

Through OWWA, the Department of Labor and Employment administers a number of welfare programs for OFWs. These include education, health, and insurance for all migrant workers. These are also given regardless of their standing with the agency. You can take advantage of the following member perks as an active OWWA member:

  1. OWWA financial assistance
  2. OWWA social benefits
    • Disability/Dismemberment
    • Death
  3. Seminars and OFW training
  4. OWWA benefits for beneficiaries:
    • Education for Development Scholarship Program (EDSP)
    • Skills for Employment Scholarship Program (SESP)
    • OFW Dependent Scholarship Program (OFWDSP)
    • Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship Program (CMWSP)
    • Information Technology (IT) Training Program
  5. Welfare Assistance Program
  6. Repatriation Assistance Program
  7. OWWA Rebate Program
  8. OWWA Benefits for ex-OFWs
    • OWWA Reintegration Program
    • Balik-Pinas! Balik-Hanapbuhay! Program

As you can see, active OWWA members have a lot to gain, so make it a point to keep your membership active.

So, here’s the deal: you can only apply or renew your OWWA membership after making an appointment with the POLO-OWWA in Qatar. You must have scheduled an appointment for this process.

What are the Requirements for OWWA Membership/Renewal in Qatar?

  • 2 copies of your valid passport
  • 2 copies of your Qatar ID
  • 2 copies of your employment contract with QR code and the company’s letter head
  • 2 copies of your recent payslip
  • 40 QR for contract verification
  • 93 QR for OWWA membership application/renewal

How to Book an Appointment at the POLO-OWWA for Membership/Renewal (11 Steps)

It’s easy to apply or renew your OWWA membership here in Qatar. You can do it on any of your days off, as long as you book an appointment first at the OWWA-POLO in Qatar. Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to the link to the OWWA’s page for verification of employment contract for balik-manggagawa here:

Step 2: Fill out all the required information listed below to register for verification of employment contract for balik-manggagawa (returning workers):

  • Your complete name (First Name, Middle Name, Last name)
  • Your username
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Passport number or QID
  • Password – make sure the password you enter is valid, with at least six characters containing a mix of lower and upper case characters, numbers, and special signs. Make sure there are no spaces.

Step 3: Click Sign Up once you complete filling out all the required personal information.

Step 4: Check your email’s inbox for a notification prompting you to activate your account.

Step 5: Once your account has been activated, go to this URL ( and log in with your username and password.

Step 6: Hit Log In to continue.

Step 7: Once you’re logged in click Contract Verification under the Resource section.

Step 8: After you have selected contract verification, go to Services and choose whether you’re a company/skilled worker or a household worker (HSW).

Step 9: Next, select a date you would like to book for the office’s services. If you wish to move on to the next date for your appointment schedule. The green fields indicate that the slot is still available for booking whereas red means that there are no more available slots.

Step 10: After you have filled out all of the information required, you may click Submit to proceed.

Step 11: Once your appointment schedule has been confirmed, you will receive a notification thru email.

How to Pay your OWWA Membership/Renewal at POLO Doha (3 Steps)

So once you have booked an appointment at the POLO Doha, the next step would be to physically visit their office. Listed below are the things that you need to do on your date of appointment.

Step 1: Make sure to have a screenshot of your appointment. You may show it to the guard on duty at the POLO so they can guide you as to where to go and what to prepare. Without proof of appointment, you will not be allowed entry into the facility.

Step 2: Submit your documents to the counter.

Step 3: Pay the fees for your OWWA membership/renewal. The officer-in-charge at the payment counter will provide you with a receipt for your membership/renewal payment.

Crucial Reminders when Visiting the POLO-OWWA in Qatar

Here are some crucial guidelines that you need to observe when you visit the POLO-OWWA, especially if it’s your first time:

  • Make sure that you have all the required documents with you when you visit the POLO-OWWA. Remember that those with incomplete requirements will not be entertained.
  • Aside from the list of requirements, make sure to have a proof of your appointment when you go to the POLO-OWWA. The staff on-site are very strict when it comes to allowing entry into the office. So an appointment is necessary. A screenshot of your confirmed appointment will suffice.
  • Wear proper attire when you go to the POLO-OWWA. Considering the business and cultural norms in Qatar, make sure to wear something appropriate for your purpose.
  • As Filipinos, we ought to improve our time management especially now that we are based overseas. Since you will book an appointment before your visit, take note of the time and try to come in earlier than your schedule. Ideally, you should be at the location 10-15 minutes earlier. This is crucial especially for those with cars, so you won’t have any difficulties looking for parking.

VIDEO: Pinay OFW in Qatar Shares Contract Verification Experience at POLO-OWWA

Here is a short video of a Pinay OFW sharing her experience in verifying her contract in POLO-OWWA, how she went about the whole procedure, what to expect when you get there, and some important tips you need to remember.


First time going to the POLO-OWWA for your OWWA membership application or renewal? Here are some of the basic things you ought to know to make this experience as seamless and hassle-free as possible!

  1. Can I schedule an appointment even while I am at work?

Yes, this is possible because you can book an appointment online via POLO Doha’s official website. Just choose among the available dates that will match your day off or free time, so you won’t get into any trouble going out to process your OWWA membership or avail of the other services offered at the POLO-OWWA.

  1. How much should I prepare for my membership application or renewal at POLO-OWWA?

Aside from the OWWA membership fee, which is 93 QR, you also need to pay 40 QR for the contract verification. Take note of these fees because you need your contract to be verified first before you can renew your membership.

  1. Is it possible to settle my OWWA membership fee without verifying my contract?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. One of the things you need to accomplish before renewing your membership is having your contract verified by OWWA. This ensures that you are legally staying in the country as a recognized OFW and can benefit from the services offered by OWWA.

  1. What are the other OWWA services I can get at POLO Doha?

POLO-OWWA has four categories of services offered to OFWs. These include:

  • Labor Policy Services – labor relations and assessment services
  • Employment and Capacity Building Services – training programs and community engagement activities
  • Labor Force Welfare Services – repatriation, assistance, custodial, information/communication programs
  • Employment Regulation Services – case management, OWWA membership, employment verification, and balik-manggagawa program.


Address: Twin Towers, 231 شارع الجزيرة، Doha, Qatar

Landmark: Al Jazeera Tower

Telephone Number: +97444883858

Google Map Location:


As an OFW in Qatar, applying for or renewing your OWWA membership is a necessity. This is one approach to safeguard oneself if something unexpected occurs while you are at work (but knock on wood). You’re aware that if you choose or are forced to return to the Philippines for whatever reason, you can seek aid in the form of cash, loans, and even training from OWWA – they will be there for you.

Fortunately, the process of OWWA membership application/renewal in Doha, Qatar is so straightforward, you don’t have to worry about anything. Just make sure you have all of the relevant documents and set up an appointment, and you should receive your verified contract and membership renewal in a matter of days. It’s that simple! So, what’s there to lose? Keep your OWWA membership active so you may take advantage of all the OWWA advantages available to members and their families in the Philippines!

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