New Visa Center Aims to Enhance OFW Presence in Qatar

The Philippines now has its first ever Qatar Visa Center. Inaugurated last Wednesday, Ali Ibrahim Al-Malki, the State of Qatar’s Ambassador to the Philippines, says that this new facility is an indication that Qatar really aims to have more Filipinos in its workforce.

Ali Ibrahim Al-Malki adds that the opening of the Qatar Visa Center is part of a policy to improve labor relations with the Philippines. This, in turn, will also improve the ties between citizens of both nations.


Qatar Visa Center Launched in the Philippines

With the brand new Qatar Visa Center, acquiring an entry visa to work in Qatar is now so much easier and faster. This center will speed up the process of going to Qatar whether to work there or to live there. It is like a one-stop-shop for Filipinos who are looking for greener pastures in Qatar.

The Qatar Visa Center also provides Filipino applicants the opportunity to truly hear out the full contract during the process. This means that transparency will be a priority, so that even before the applicants leaves the Philippines, he or she will know in full detail what he is getting into. Visa payments during the visa processing will be made by the Qatari employer, and this will be followed by an online booking for an appointment at the visa center.

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration will now have the chance to immediately detect any problems related to applying for work in Qatar, and will quickly take the right action.

The new Qatar Visa Center is located at the NU Mall of Asia in Pasay City. It will be open from 8.30 amĀ  to 9.00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

Filipino Workforce in Qatar

According to Al-Malki, there are around 260,000 Filipinos working in Qatar, and that number continues to grow on a daily basis; around 500 to 600 monthly. Al-Malki adds that Qatar recognizes the valuable contribution of the Filipino workers in the country to society, and thus it aims to give these workers the best working environment and the most decent way of living.

One major factor that motivates Qatar’s thrust towards easier employment among Filipino workers is the fact that it will soon host the World Cup in 2022. This prestigious, global tournament will require use of state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure, which, in turn, requires a massive labor presence.

There you have it! Qatar has a lot of neat things to offer to anyone who wants to work there. If you are interested in working in Qatar, then you should visit the new Visa Center.