Things You Need Before Going to Qatar Visa Center in Manila

The Qatar Visa Center (QVC) in Manila has made it easier for Filipinos to work in Qatar. It’s primary goal is to facilitate biometric data and medical tests and is supervised by authorities from the government of Qatar.

The QVC is also where contract signing will take place. So before you go to QVC, be sure you already have an employer waiting for you at the Gulf nation.

qatar visa center
Image Credit: Qatar Visa Center Facebook Page

What’s it Like to Have Your Data Processed at QVC

The QVC in Pasay is located at the NU Mall of Asia building, beside Starbucks. The following video discusses the experiences of a vlogger while visiting the QVC. He details the step-by-step procedures upon entering the center.

Things you need to bring during your appointment:

If you already have an employer, they will apply for your appointment, but you can also schedule a visit on your own. Just go to the Qatar Visa Center website and book an appointment there. Information includes your appointment time, visa center address, category: normal, QVC entry time (15 minutes prior to your appointment time).

Don’t forget to print out the appointment letter, the one you processed on your own or the one your employer sent you through email.

You also need to bring your passport, extra money, medical certificates or receipts of your recent vaccinations, Educational Certificate like a diploma, preferably red ribbon authenticated. You also need to put these in a clear envelope plus a ballpen.

Be sure that your passport has at least 6 months before it will expire.

What Not To Bring

Try not to bring someone else, because they can’t enter the center anyway, unless they are willing to wait for around 4 hours. Don’t bring cellphones, cameras, USBs, travel bags. You can bring them and just stash them at the available lockers and baggage counters at the QVC.

Steps Upon Entering the QVC

First you will go to reception to show your appointment letter and passport. They will verify your identity. Here you have an option for VIP processing for a price of PhP 1,720. As a VIP you will be directed to a lounge where there is free food. You will also be prioritized in cues, and get your medical results in just two days. Normal customers get their results in 10-15 days.

At the reception, you will be given a ticket number. Proceed to the waiting area. When your number is flashed on the screen, go to the biometric data area. They will take fingerprints. Your contract details will be explained there as well, including your salary and benefits. They will ask if you agree with the contract and then you will sign it.

Next you will go back to the waiting area. Then you will be called to another counter where your fingerprints will be scanned again, your photo taken, and you will undergo iris detection. By this time, your Biometric data is completed.

Medical Examination

The Medical exam is powered by the Qatar Medical Center. After your Biometric Data is completed you will have to wait again to be called to another reception area where they will ask you if you’ve had any recent vaccinations. Bring your medical certificates or receipts if you have.

You will then be directed to a waiting area at the Medical section where you will receive a ticket and wait for your number to be flashed on the monitor again. You will be given a form for HIV test. You need to answer the questions in the form honestly. Some information required is sensitive but you need to be honest.

Your height, weight, temperature will be measured and you will also have an eye test. You will also have blood extraction for the HIV test. Then you will have a vaccination for measles and tetanus.

Next, you will consult with doctors. First, you will be sent to a room for a brief full body examination. Second, you will enter another room nearby for the x-ray.


If you did not avail of the VIP service, you will receive your results in 10 to 15 days. A customer service agent will call to inform you that the results are in. The agent will also tell you to do further checkups and consultations, referring you to certain hospitals, but this time you will have to pay for the expenses.

If no one calls, email QVC or one of the agents of your employer and tell them about your Fit to Work Status.

Other Important Matters

The Medical Exam results have a validity of 60 days. Once you receive the results, be sure you’ll be on your way to Qatar within 60 days, otherwise you will go back to square one.

Before you go to the QVC, be sure that you are in your healthiest condition. Take medicines if you need to, drink lots of water, sleep well the night before.

The QVC has made it much easier for Filipinos to work in Qatar. Perhaps, this is an indication that the government of Qatar recognizes the growing Filipino community in its nation and acknowledges its contribution to the welfare of society.