Filipina Shares How She Applied for Work as a Restaurant Worker in Qatar

All our kababayans working in Qatar have different stories on how they started working abroad. Some of them faced difficulties even before they left the country.

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But the important thing is to learn from the experience. And once you get to Qatar, work hard and learn to get along with your fellow employees. This is one recipe for succeeding in your journey abroad.


Restaurant worker in Qatar

Disclaimer: The information posted here is based on the personal experiences shared by the OFW in the video. Please let this post serve as a guide only. If you have specific questions, you may ask the OFW by commenting on their video on their accounts.

An OFW Experience

Some of our kababayans did not have an easy time in their previous jobs in the Philippines. And these trials served as an inspiration to persevere in finding other opportunities to get a better job to help the family.

In this video from KaDude OFW, our vlogger shared her experience before she started working in Qatar. Being a newly-grad, she grabbed an offer from a local agency. She got duped into paying fees for a non-existent job. After the supposed training period, an employment agency owner came to the training center to look for applicants in Dubai. But unfortunately, they found another employee.

The vlogger went back home to rest, after some unfortunate incidents. Fortunately, the employment agency came calling and offered another job as a waitress/ cashier in Qatar. The vlogger accepted the offer even if she has no idea where the country is.

She proceeded with the application. She did not undergo an interview to get hired. The application process she went through were the medical exam, paying of placement fee, preparing the necessary paperwork, and POEA requirements.

It was a good thing that the application process was easy for the vlogger. She was able to prepare the papers that the agency requires. A family member also loaned the needed placement fee.

The initial job offer was around QAR 700. The vlogger accepted this offer out of her desire to help her family. She says that it is also her dream to work abroad. The job offer was given in early November, and she was able to fly by December.

When the vlogger arrived in Qatar, she had to stay for one month in accommodation housing. As a restaurant worker, she had to undergo rounds of medical tests. She also needs a food handler certificate before being allowed to work.

Our vlogger shares these lessons to those who want to work in Qatar:

  • It is a good thing that the Qatar Visa Center (QVC) is in the Philippines. This is where the application process can be accomplished, as well as the signing of the offer letter.
  • When you apply for work through an employment agency, make sure that it is accredited with POEA and Qatar.
  • Review and understand the employment contract carefully before signing.
  • Before paying the placement fee, make sure that the employment agency is legitimate.
  • You don’t have to believe other people who tell you that no one will help you once you are abroad.
  • You have to be brave, committed, and willing to work when you apply for foreign employment.
  • Once you start working in Qatar, keep in mind that you are there to work. Learn to get along with your fellow employees, as well.
  • Work and save your earnings. Eventually, you will have enough money to enable you to go home.

The vlogger believes that Qatar is the best place for employment. The salary, benefits, and employer are beneficial for the overseas worker.

You can watch the full video here:

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