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    Arabian Exchange Branches in Qatar

    Arabian Exchange Company was established in Qatar in 1979. It is one of the leading exchange companies and one of the oldest money remittance markets in Qatar. They offer foreign currency exchange, international money transfers all over the world and has been consistent in satisfying the needs of their customers.

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    As their motto says “Best Rate & Best Service”, Arabian Exchange Company is dedicated to providing the best financial products and services. They are transparent and ensure high standards of client services with the help of modern information technology. We have checked the available branches located in Qatar for your reference.

    Arabian Exchange Company

    If you are looking for a specific Arabian Exchange Company Branch near you, please check out this directory listing of the office address, working hours, and contact information we’ve posted below.

    Main Branch: Mushaireb
    Address: Mercure Grand Hotel, (Sofitel Shopping Complex) Ground Floor, P.O. Box 3535, Doha, Qatar
    Working Hours: Sat – Thu : 8am to 7.45pm; Fri : 3.45pm to 7.45pm
    Phone: (+974) 4443 8300, (+974) 4443 8200
    Fax: +974 44419910

    Al Khor Branch
    Address: Ansar Gallery Mall, Al Khor, Qatar
    Working Hours: Sat – Thu : 8am to 10pm; Fri : 8am to 11am – 12.30pm to 10pm
    Phone: (+974) 4444 9894
    Fax: +974 44443013

    Industrial Area Branch
    Address: Street No. 17 Near Al Atteya Market, Industrial Area, Qatar
    Working Hours: Sat – Thu : 7am to 10 pm; Fri : 7am to 11.30am – 12.00pm to 10pm
    Phone: (+974) 4450 4041
    Fax: +974 44504042

    Al Shahaniya Branch
    Address: Street no. 907, Area/Zone 80, Behind Shahaniya Petrol Station, Qatar
    Working Hours: Sat – Thu : 6am to 10pm; Fri : 6am to 11am – 2pm to 10pm
    Phone: (+974) 4415 1835
    Fax: +974 44151836

    Al-Wukair Branch
    Address: Building No 220, Street 220 – Zone 91, Doha, Qatar
    Working Hours: Sat – Thu: 8am to 9pm; Fri : 3pm to 9pm
    Phone: (+974) 4441 1016
    Fax: +974 44411017

    Tawar Mall Branch
    Address: Basement 1-Shop No: B102, Al Markhiya Street, Al Duhail, Qatar
    Working Hours: Sat – Thu : 7am to 11pm; Fri : 2pm to 10pm
    Phone: (+974) 4411 0037
    Fax: +974 44110038

    Barwa Labour Camp Branch
    Address: Mekaines, Salwa Road – 35 Exit, Barwa Affordable Housing Camp, Building No. 531, Shop No. 13A/14A, Street No.161 – Zone 82
    Working Hours: Sat – Thu : 9am to 9pm; Fri : 2pm to 9pm
    Phone: (+974) 4478 3569