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    List of Money Exchange Centers in Qatar

    One of our main goals in working abroad is to earn enough money to send to your family back home. You want to choose the best means to send your hard-earned money to your loved ones.

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    There are many exchange centers in Qatar that you can choose from. Some of these are located in the malls, and some establishments are stand-alone. When it’s time to send remittances, you can find one near you.


    Full List: Exchange Houses in Qatar

    Qatar is home to many expatriates. By working abroad, they can send money to support their loved ones back home. Exchange houses allow a client to send money safely. They also allow buying and selling currencies at competitive rates.

    In this post, we’ve compiled a list of exchange houses in Qatar. The list is taken from Qatar Central Bank.

    1. Al Fardan Exchange Co.

    Address: IBA Buildings, C-Ring Road, near Doha Cinema

    Telephone Number: 4440 8204


    2. Gulf Exchange Co.

    Address:  Ali Bin Abdullah St., Old Al Ghanim, Doha

    Telephone Number: 4438 3222


    3. Habib Qatar International Exchange Co.

    Address:  City Centre Branch, Ground Level (G-038) – City Center Mall

    Telephone Number: 4442 4373, 4463 1978


    4. Al Zaman Exchange Co.

    Address:  Dar Al Salam Building, opposite Souq Waqif Metro Station, Ali Bin Abdulla Street, Old Al Ghanim, Doha

    Telephone Number: 4444 1448


    5. Doha Exchange Co.

    Address: Souq Waqef, Doha

    Telephone Number: 4442 4520


    6. Lulu Exchange Co.

    Address:  Lulu Hypermarket, Al Gharaffa, Shop No. 10

    Telephone Number: 4421 7862, 4441 5636


    7. National Exchange Co.

    Address:  Al Jabor Road, near Souq Al-Jabor

    Telephone Number:  4444 2148, 4441 0965


    8. Al Mana Exchange Co.

    Address:  Shop 1 & 2 Building, Musherib – A, near Gulf Paradise Hotel, Al-Khaleej St., Doha

    Telephone Number: 4442 4226


    9. Eastern Exchange Est.

    Address: Eastern Exchange Est. Head Office, Jaidah Towers, Ground Floor, Doha

    Telephone Number: 4441 2655, 4443 9593


    10. City Exchange Co.

    Address: near Bank Street, Doha

    Telephone Number: 4443 0344, 4447 6977


    11. Lari Exchange Co.

    Address:  Lari Exchange Company, W.L.L. Building, Bin Dirham Street, Al Rayyan

    Telephone Number: 4444 9030, 4441 2224


    12. Arabian Exchange Co.

    Address:  Mercure Grand Hotel, Ground Floor, Doha

    Telephone Number: 4443 8300


    13. Islamic Exchange Co.

    Address:  Al Mirqab R/A near Doha Sports Stadium, Doha

    Telephone Number: 4442 2718


    14. Trust Exchange Co.

    Address:  Sho No. 4 Ground Floor, Al Khor Mall Building No. 47, Street No. 390, Zone No. 74, Al Khor

    Telephone Number: 4435 2055, 4446 6067


    15. Al Mirqab Exchange Co.

    Address:  16th Floor, Al Mana Towers (B), Suhaim Bin Hamad Street, Bin Mahmoud, C-Ring Road, Doha

    Telephone Number: 4442 3715, 4488 6651


    16. Alsadd Exchange Co.

    Address:  Al Ameer Street Fareej Al Soudan, Doha

    Telephone Number: 4432 3337, 4432 3335


    17. Al-Jazeera Exchange

    Address:  Al Sadd Street, Doha

    Telephone Number: 4436 3595


    18. Al Dar Exchangeworks Co.

    Address:  C Ring Road, Doha

    Telephone Number:  4455 0455


    19. Travelex Qatar

    Address:  Shop 4 Al Fatimiya Commercial Complex, Bldg no. 1 St. 23 Al Athiya Souq, Industrial Area no. 57

    Telephone Number: 4443 2043, 4029 3473


    You can also visit the websites of these remittance centers so you can compare their exchange rates. Your other option would be to send money through a digital wallet.

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