How to Send Money From Qatar to the Philippines

Most OFW expats work in Qatar because they want to earn more money to send back home in the Philippines. That way, they can help their families get out of poverty and live a more comfortable life.

So how do OFWs send money from Qatar to the Philippines? There are many ways you can do this, but the following are the most popular.

ooredoo money
Image Credit: Ooredoo Qatar Twitter Page

Easiest Ways to Send Money to the Philippines from Qatar

1. Ooredoo Money App

Nowadays, with the COVID-19 situation, it’s hard to send money because remittance centers are closed. But there is a solution: the Ooredoo Money app. If you have an Ooredoo number, download Ooredoo money, and just follow the easy and user-friendly steps. The app will ask for your Qatar ID and the number you are using. After you’re done registering, add money to the load wallet.

You need to have money at your Ooredoo account to send money to the Philippines. To do so, go to any Ooredoo machine and deposit money there. Just follow the steps on the screen and confirm your deposit. Print a receipt and now you have money at your Ooredoo account.

Now go back to the Ooredoo Money app. Find send money international. There you will select the account number, account name, and which bank branch of the Philippines you want to send money to. Then indicate how much you want to send and that’s it.

So how do you add a name of a beneficiary in Ooredoo Money? In the app, select International Money Transfer, then click Manage Beneficiary, Add New Beneficiary , Select country Philippines, then change the Collection option to Cash Collection Local, then indicate Currency as Philippine Peso. Click Next, then write the name of the beneficiary, and your relationship with them. Write an Alias name, click next, then click confirm.

2. Alfardan Exchange, Gulf Mall

If the coronavirus situation finally ends, and everything goes back to normal, you can go back to sending money through Exchange centers. Many OFW expats like going to the Alfardan Exchange at the Gulf Mall. They like it there because most of the workers are friendly Filipinos.

Also, in most other remittance centers, one person can only make one transaction. In Alfardan Exchange, one person can make multiple transactions, going to the center alone to send the money of their friends. You can also pay SSS and Pag-ibig and Philhealth here.

3. Commercial Bank Mobile App

If you have a Commercial Bank account in Qatar, you can use the Commercial Bank Mobile App to send money to your family. First, download the app. Then login your Qatar ID and your Paycard PIN. The app will send a login authorization code to your registered mobile number.

You will then be led to the dashboard of the app. You will see a page of International Transfers, Transfer to India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and other countries. Choose the Philippines.

There are two options: instant cash transfer and account transfer. For instant cash transfer, you specify who you’re sending to, the destination currency, transfer amount in QAR and the Purpose of Remittance. There will be an additional charge of 10 riyals for the service. Confirm transfer. Check if the details are correct, then click Confirm.

The app will then give you an XPIN. Note that you need to share the 16 digit XPIN with the receiver in order to collect the cash. The receiver may collect the money in cash from an authorized Xpress Money agent by providing a valid ID or passport.

You will also receive an SMS Xpin. Send it through Whatsapp messenger to your recipient. Just like that, they will automatically receive the money.

With the help of online solutions, sending money to the Philippines from Qatar has never been as easy as it is now. You can easily help your family back home.