Coming Soon: Qatar’s Biggest Entertainment Destination

Trimoo has announced its partnership with telecommunications company Ooredoo for its four thrilling entertainment parks at Doha Festival City, according to The Peninsula.

The four parks, which span more than 45,000 square meters, will soon be the biggest family attraction in the entire country. These parks include Juniverse, Virtuocity, Snow Dunes, and Angry Birds World.

Ooredoo and Trimoo signed an agreement to open 4 entertainment parks!!!
Image Credit: @OoredooQatar on Twitter

Trimoo & Ooredoo Sign Agreement to Open Entertainment Parks

Trimoo, which is represented by Talal bin Mohammad Trading, or TBMT, has a 5-year agreement with Ooredoo Qatar. Both chairman Talal bin Mohammad bin Khalifa Al Attiyah of TBMT and CEO Waleed Al Sayed of Ooredoo signed the agreement at Ooredoo Tower, located at the West Bay.

By signing this agreement, Trimoo aims to let visitors enjoy fast and high-end Internet connection inside the entertainment parks. This will make the experience even better for visitors, since they will be able to connect online and share their fun through social media and other platforms on the spot.

Ooredoo will also help Trimoo in terms of the back-end technology of keeping the network usage and data transfer up and running. The company will use Ooredoo’s topnotch Supernet to ensure that the technology behind the main attractions run smoothly.

Chief Executives Sign Agreement
According to Waleed Al Sayed, the company is “proud to sponsor and support such an important step for Qatar.” He adds that the telecommunication company’s advanced network and infrastructure, coupled with the innovative parks by Trimoo, will make for a grand experience that the people of Qatar will truly enjoy.

The CEO also mentioned that the company has been involved with many similar projects, and they are looking forward to how this latest project could provide a positive, innovative impact to the parks.

With this move, Ooredoo signifies its desire to become the top ICT provider in the region. The CEO adds that this collaboration with Trimoo shows that they are the number one choice for communication in the country.

For the Nation
Moreover, TBMT chairman Talal bin Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Attiyah said that the company “continuously strives to work in line with the national aspirations of Qatar and contribute toward its expansion.”

The Chairman added that when Trimoo proposed this project to them, they immediately got involved with it, as they see it as a project for the long term benefit of the nation. Juniverse, Virtuocity, Snow Dunes, and Angry Birds World all incorporate unique themes for all ages, not just to entertain but also to educate.

Notably, Ooredo shared this video about the agreement on Twitter:

As a recap, Trimoo has partnered with Ooredoo for enhanced communications within the indoor entertainment zone. Both parties agree that this is beneficial not just for the company, but also for the country, its citizens, and visitors. On the other hand, aside from indoor parks, outdoor attractions also abound in Qatar — such as Entertainment World Village — the largest open-air amusement park in the country. Be sure to check it out!