Ooredoo Gives Hayya SIM for FIFA World Cup Fans

Ooredoo, the leading telecom provider in the Middle East, is giving Hayya SIM cards to FIFA World Cup fans. The SIM comes with free minutes, data, and SMS. It becomes available in November 2022. Both guests and residents of Qatar can avail themselves of this free SIM.

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There are two types of SIM cards: physical and eSIM. It is being given away as a gift to celebrate the FIFA World Cup that Qatar is hosting.

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Free Hayya SIM for FIFA Fans

According to a statement released by Ooredoo on their website, the Hayya SIM is the company’s gift to its customers. It is a one-of-a-kind present to commemorate a sporting event. Those who will get the SIM will get 2022 local minutes, 2022 local SMS, and 2022 MB of data. These will be valid for three days.

The Hayya SIM is available as both a physical and an eSIM. Fans who want to get the SIM card can get it from dispensing machines found in airports, ports, and land borders. They can also get the SIM from metro stations, hotels, and FIFA accommodation sites. The Ooredoo physical and eShops also offer the SIM.

SIM activation is fast and easy. To activate the physical SIM, clients only need to activate it using the Ooredoo app or eShop. For the eSIM, it will be activated when the client connects to the Ooredoo network.

What You Need to Know About the Hayya Card Collection Center

With just a few days before the opening of the FIFA World Cup, fans and guests who want to take part in the event should get their Hayya card. The way to get this card is through the Hayya Service Center, which is located at the Doha Exhibition & Convention Center and the Ali Bin Hamad Al Attiyah Arena. These facilities will be open until December 23 to provide fans with the services and support they need regarding the card. There is no need to set up an appointment to come to any of these centers.

The organizers say that having a physical Hayya card is not a requirement. After all, they can get a PDF copy of the card through their email. But the Hayya card, whether an actual card or a digital copy, should always be presented to watch any tournament and enjoy the free public transportation. Holders of a Hayya card can also use other services available on the platform.

Meet La’eeb

As part of tradition at the World Cup, Qatar and FIFA have introduced this year’s official mascot. He is no other than La’eed, which means super skilled player in Arabic. La’eeb has a youthful and energetic spirit. He sports a fluid look, so fans can make their own interpretation of what the mascot looks like.

But regardless of his looks, La’eeb will welcome fans when the World Cup opens. He has also been seen on social media sites. For fans who can’t get enough of La’eeb, his likeness can be downloaded through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or WhatsApp. Whether he will be used as a screensaver or filter is all up to the fans.

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