Taking Your Child to Watch FIFA World Cup? Here’s What You Should Know

Now that the FIFA World Cup has started in Qatar, you are probably making plans to watch at least one match. You might even think that it would be fun if you could bring the whole family with you.

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If you are not sure whether you can bring the children with you, then this post is for you. Keep reading to find out what you need to prepare so you can enjoy watching the match with the family.

getting to the stadium

Guide on Taking the Children to the FIFA World Cup

Good news for football fans because children can also watch the games. With this information, watching a football match or two can be a good bonding experience for the whole family.

According to IloveQatar.net, you need to take note of these details when taking the children with you:

  • Children also need to present a Hayya card to watch a game
  • Parents can apply for a Hayya card for their dependents through the Hayya portal. However, the parent should have a valid Hayya card before getting cards for their dependents. Just go to the “Add Dependents” link to start the additional application
  • Children that are 15 years old and below will only be allowed to watch the games if they are with their parents or a legal guardian
  • Female fans who are pregnant or have an infant with them will use a priority lane to enter the stadium. There are volunteer staff who can accompany the guests to the corresponding lane
  • Parents can bring baby strollers, but only until the outside perimeter of the stadium
  • For parents who will bring milk for infants, only 1 liter of baby milk and sterilized water are allowed inside the stadium
  • For diaper changes or any related concerns, there are family rooms and baby changing facilities in all the stadiums
  • Fans bringing hand sanitizers should place them in bottles that are less than 100 ml
  • Parents can register their children before they enter the stadium. Upon registration, the child will receive a bracelet containing the contact details of the parent or guardian who came with them to the match
  • The bracelet will also serve as an identity for the children. In the unlikely event that the child gets separated from everyone else in the group, the security guard and steward can refer to the information on the bracelet
  • The security personnel and stewards found around the stadium can help the fans with their concerns

Getting to the stadium

You can get to any of the stadiums when you take your car. But if you don’t want to get caught in traffic or worry about finding a parking space, then taking public transportation is your best option. In fact, the World Cup organizers are encouraging everyone to use public transportation since there might be road closures or rerouting that may affect your travel time.

You can even ride the Doha Metro, bus, or tram for free as long as you present your Hayya card. If you have the Qatar2022 app, you can also plan your route as you make your way to all the events.

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