Your New Destination for Loming Batangas in Qatar

When the winter season comes to Qatar, there’s nothing more comforting than eating a bowl of hot soup to keep you warm. Lomi is one of the traditional comfort foods for Filipinos. In addition, there are numerous lomi options in the city.

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There’s no reason to skip the hearty lomi soup. Just head on over to Loming Barako in Muntazah, where you can find one of the best lomi in Qatar.

Photo Credit: Loming Barako Qatar – LOMBAR Facebook


Food for Barakos

Do you miss the flavor of lomi? This dish is made up of fresh egg noodles and a rich broth. While there are many variations of lomi throughout the Philippines, the version from Batangas is the most well-known. It’s the one with a boiled egg and kikiam or meatballs on top.

You can now satisfy your lomi cravings when you visit Loming Barako. You can get a large bowl of steaming hot lomi with heaping toppings. One bowl is big enough to feed a group of two to three. Or, you can also order the solo bowl for yourself.

Aside from lomi, the restaurant has a diverse menu. If you want more soup, you can also order the Gotong Batangas or mami. These are available as solo or salo (for sharing).

meals at Loming Barako
Photo Credit: Loming Barako Qatar – LOMBAR Facebook


If you want to start with some appetizers, you can choose from steamed or fried siomai, chicken spring rolls, calamares, tempura, or tokwa’t baka. These appetizers are perfect on their own, but they are also the perfect companion to the lomi.

Another light meal option is their pizzang barako, which comes in three flavors: regular, espesyal, and creamy garlic.

Loming Barako also serves pancit and chamee. Miki, bihon, and canton are the pancit variants available. Or you can also have the mixed pancit, and try several flavors in one order. Chamee also comes with any of these toppings: chicken fillet, lechon, fried siomai, seafood, or spring roll.

Photo Credit: Loming Barako Qatar – LOMBAR Facebook


Rice, Chicken, and Beef Options

For rice lovers, Loming Barako has what you are looking for and more. They serve silog meals such as tapsilog, chickensilog, and bangsilog. There is also the “manok na pula silog.” If you are curious as to what manok na pula tastes like, then you need to schedule a visit to Loming Barako as soon as you can.

Other chicken dishes available are adobo, kalderetang Batangas, menudo, fried chicken (spicy or regular), ginataan, lechon paksiw, pininyahan, and afritada. Or if you prefer beef, you can have beef broccoli, bistek Tagalog, kalderetang Batangas, menudo, kare-kare, Bicol Express, tapa, and binagoongan.

Meanwhile, seafood lovers can have daing na bangus, seafood gising gising, grilled salmon, buttered garlic shrimp, adobong pusit, or spicy squid.

You can also try some milk teas at Loming Barako. Your milk tea choices are klasik, mangga, magnum, creamy ube, and Cream-O. For traditional drink choices, you can also order soda, water, or iced tea.

The restaurant has a predominantly Batangueño feel. And why wouldn’t it? The owner and the staff all hail from Batangas. And whether you are from Batangas or not, you will surely find a meal that suits your taste here. Come any time since the restaurant is open 24/7. The prices are easy on the pocket, too.

Here is a YouTube video from one of our kababayans who has tried the famous loming Batangas:

Loming Barako now has two branches, Muntaza and Barwa Village. If you cannot visit, you can also avail of delivery via Snoonu, Wishbox, or Talabat. Or you can avail of their in-house delivery, where you can waive the charges for orders QR 50 and above.

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