Sumptuous Filipino Meals at Deqada Restaurant

When 10 individuals with more than a decade of work experience in Qatar get together, they create a restaurant. From this group, the Deqada Restaurant is born.

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When you start to miss your favorite Filipino food, head on over to this restaurant to get your fix. Choose from the main course, appetizers, or dessert. Each serving is delectable and will surely have you coming back for more.

Chicken dishes at Deqada Restaurant
Image Credit: Deqada Qatar Restaurant Facebook

Filipino Food at its Finest

You don’t have to wait 10 years to get a taste of your favorite food in Qatar. The Deqada Restaurant in Al Sadd is ready to serve not just your well-loved meals, but you might also discover new food choices as well.

Start with Small Bites

When you want to work up an appetite, you can start by ordering from the “Small Bites” option. Try their Pungko-Pungko, a dish composed of small servings of chicken, seafood, and vegetables, with seasoned mayo for topping. If you are curious about the name, you should know that it is a Cebuano word that means “to squat,” which is the traditional position when consuming this food. Thankfully, you won’t have to squat when you eat at Deqada.

Your other food options are dynamite, vegetable spring rolls, and chicken spring rolls.

Enjoy Hot and Sizzling Meals

If you like to hear your food sizzle, go to Deqada Restaurant and get the “Sizzlers” series. Enjoy beef and chicken dishes served on sizzling plates, plus a cup of rice and a generous serving of sauteed vegetables. Choose from ribeye, striploin, beef shank, sizzling grilled chicken, sizzling beef sisig, sizzling chicken sisig, sizzling tofu, creamy coconut shrimp, chicken a la king, beef casserole, Korean spicy chicken, and beef in creamy mushroom sauce.

The restaurant uses a homemade gravy recipe plus herbs to season each meat. The sisig dishes have lemon mayonnaise for toppings. Some sizzlers are served with either Jasmine rice or Java rice.

herbs and spices
Image Credit: Deqada Qatar Restaurant Facebook

Tasty and Traditional Filipino Food

Relive the taste of home with the classic Filipino food options at Deqada Restaurant. Their “Taste of Filipino” offering consists of food you grew up with. Choose from beef sinigang, pinakbet, beef binagoongan, seafood in oyster sauce, tokwa’t baka, and tokwa’t manok. If you are looking to add vegetables in your diet, you can easily meet your dietary requirement from any of these Pinoy food.

Get Your Fill Without Breaking the Bank

At Deqada Restaurant, you can get a meal no matter your budget. The “Everyday Affordable” meals feature chicken, vegetables, and other light meals. Get chicken barbecue meal, sweet & sour fish fillet, chicken curry, stir-free vegetables, house lomi, and pancit bihon or pancit canton. Each order comes with bottled water.  

Food for Sharing

If you’re planning on dining with a large group, Deqada Restaurant also offers the “Sharing Platter.” Each meal is good enough for four people, and each order comes with four servings of soda. The American Feast features chicken barbeque thighs, beef striploin steak, white fish, and beef short ribs. The meal also comes with French fries, buttered corn, and sauteed vegetables. The Filipino Fiesta meal has pinakbet, chicken sisig, beef binagoongan, and a basket of pungko-pungko. It also comes with 4 cups of Jasmine rice. Meanwhile, the Fil-Am Fussion combines the best food from the two countries.

Get Your Just Desserts

After a hearty meal, why not stay longer for dessert? The restaurant has halo-halo, buko pandan, mais con yelo, leche flan, and a brownie sundae.

Try their dishes now! Head on over to Al Sadd and enjoy a meal or two.

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