Have You Ever Been to Panda House Qatar?

Seeing animals up close can be an exciting experience for both children and adults. The trip will also be worth the effort, especially if the featured animals are only seen on TV or read about in books.

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The Panda House Qatar, located in Al Khor, is one of the newest attractions in Qatar. When you visit this attraction, you will see two giant pandas who came all the way from China. It is the first time that pandas are available in the Middle East.

giant panda

Come See the Pandas!

In Qatar, it is fairly common to see camels, oryx, and other animals that thrive in the desert. With the opening of Panda House, you now have the chance to see this big and gentle creature. Want to know what you can expect there? Let’s discuss the attractions before you bring your family or friends along.

The giant pandas came from China, where they will stay for 15 years. While they used to have Chinese names, they are now given Arab names. The female panda is now called Thuraya and is three years old. The male panda is now called Suhail, and is four years old.

The pair of pandas have a housing facility that is suitable for them. They have a nursery room, a food preparation room, a food supply, and adequate space to move around. They have a well-controlled air conditioning system to keep them comfortable all day.

For meals, the pandas eat bamboo, carrots, apples, and Chinese pancakes.

Panda House in Al Khor

Panda House is in Al Khor, which is near Al Bayt and Al Khor Park.

When you are in the park, you can also enjoy looking at a garden pathway, a forest trail, and booths. You can also buy some souvenirs at gift shops. There is also a prayer room.

Since Panda House is a family-oriented park, there are also other facilities for the family to enjoy. The young ones can also enjoy the skating area, mini-golf, play area, and amphitheater. You won’t go hungry because there are food kiosks as well.

In case you want to go to Al Khor Family Park, you can use the connecting door to do so.

If you want to bring your car to visit, you can easily find a parking spot because there are about 300 parking spaces available.

Panda House Information

  • The park opens from 9 AM to 5 PM.
  • Ticket prices are QR 50 for guests who are 14 years of age and older. Meanwhile, younger guests will pay QR 25 for tickets. Tickets are available through the Oun application, which can be downloaded through the iOS app store or Android Play Store.
  • The tickets are non-refundable, and you are required to use them on the date and time of booking.

Here is a YouTube video about the park:

Google Map Location

Interesting Facts About Pandas

According to the WWF, the pandas’ colors’ serve as camouflage in their habitat. The white color helps them blend in the snow, while the black color of their arms and legs blend well in the shade. They also eat for 10 to 16 hours per day. Their diet consists mainly of bamboo, but they can also eat eggs or small animals.

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