5 Reasons to Visit Al Gharrafa Park

Parks offer wide and open spaces for guests. They can go for a stroll or run on the designated path. Most parks also have bike lanes.

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You can do all these activities in Al Gharrafa Park. And aside from that, you can pass through an airconditioned jogging path. How is that possible?

cycling and jogging path
Screengrab from Public Works Authority Facebook page

Al Gharrafa Park Features

If you are planning to go out on a trip, the Al Gharrafa Park has something in store for you. To help convince you, here are some features of the park that you have to see:

Air-conditioned jogging path

The Al Gharrafa Park is the sole park in Qatar to have this kind of path for joggers. The engineers added air-conditioning to encourage joggers. And according to the Public Works Authority (or Ashghal), the jogging path also helps to regulate the temperature.

Joggers pass through a tunnel with controlled temperature. The tunnel is unique because it is economical, safe to use, and environment friendly. It uses solar panels to generate electricity. The plants surrounding the tunnel also help in keeping the temperature low.

Islamic Mashrabiya-Style Design

These designs are installed in the tunnel along the jogging path. The structure allows air circulation, and at the same time covers the tunnel wall.  The designs support the country’s goal of environmental sustainability.

Bicycle Path

There is a separate path for cyclists, which is visible through its blue-colored track. The path is skid-proof to ensure that bikers will be safe as they go through the track.

Play Areas for Kids, Guests with Special Needs

Even if Al Gharrafa is a family park, there is a separate space for young guests and those with special needs. The kids’ section is placed away from the Fitness Stations.

The play areas for kids are also segregated according to age. Children below 12 years have their play area. Guests with special needs also have separate play areas. The play zones have slides, swings, monkey bars, etc.

Food and Dining Area

Guests don’t have to worry about getting food when they get hungry after all the walking, cycling, and playing. There are four food kiosks in the park, but are not operational yet. The park administrators have plans to open these shortly. But the water fountain is available.

Other Important Details

Entrance Fee: Free

Timing: Opens every day from 6 AM to 12 midnight

Parking: Available

Location: Al-Rayyan, Qatar

How to Get There

You can access Al Gharrafa Park using Doha Metro. Just take the Green Line and get off at the Al Riffa Station, which is the last station for this line.

If you have your vehicle, there is available space outside the park.

Follow this map:

Other Places to Visit in Al Rayyan

The municipality of Al Rayyan is near Doha, and it boasts of historical landmarks. If you have more time to explore, you can also visit the Musfur Sinkhole and Al Wajbah Fort.

The Musfur Sinkhole is one of the accessible caves in Qatar. When you go inside, you can see bird nests and writings on the cave wall. You can also climb the boulders inside. Or if you want to meditate, you can find a quiet place inside.

If you want to learn more about Qatar’s history, then Al Wajbah Fort is an ideal destination for you. This site is the venue of the battle with the Ottoman Turks, which the Qatari forces won.

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