How to Claim Lost Baggage at Hamad International Airport

When you travel, your luggage is most likely your most valuable possession. After all, it contains your personal accessories and clothing. If you lose it, you won’t be able to function properly.

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If you lost your baggage at the Hamad International Airport, you can approach the concerned desk to help you recover your belongings. The good news is, all international airports have a dedicated facility for passengers who need to recover their baggage.

lost and found

Lost and Found Baggage Section

One nightmare for travelers is losing their baggage at the airport. When you have watched all the passengers claim their baggage at the carousel and yours is nowhere to be found, what should you do next?

There is a Lost and Found Baggage Desk at Hamad International Airport. If you seem to have lost your belongings, you can proceed to this section and report your situation.

When you go to the desk, you should provide as much information about your baggage as possible so the staff can help you better. You can specify the color and model of your luggage. Or you can also mention where you last saw it. Most importantly, you should provide your contact information so the airport staff can contact you as soon as they recover your item.

But what would happen if you received your baggage, and it was damaged? You can also file a formal complaint with the airline. If you also did not recover your baggage, you can also file a complaint. In case you never recover your property, the airport will give you compensation for your loss.

What Should You Do If Your Baggage Is Lost At The Baggage Claim?

If you are one of the passengers at Qatar Airways and you seem to have lost your baggage, you can go to baggage belt no. 1 to report it. You can also report your incident online at

For passengers using other airlines, you can report your situation at the QAS Baggage Services Office. This is located at the back of baggage belt no. 9.

What Should You Do If Your Baggage Is Lost During Your Flight?

If you lost your baggage on Qatar Airways, you can send a message to

You can also report your case to any airline staff member. They will then help you find your baggage at the service desk. If they still can’t locate your belongings, you will give them your address so they can deliver them once they are found.

The airline staff will also give you a tracking code so you can monitor the location of your baggage. You can do so by going to their website. Alternately, you can also send a message to a representative through WhatsApp.

For those who used other airlines, you can send a message to This is the Qatar Aviation Services Lost and Found Section.

What Should You Do If Your Bag Is Lost in the Passenger Terminal?

If you are still in the airport, you can report your case at the information counter. But if you’ve already left, you can send an email to

Here is the process for reporting the lost baggage through email:

  • Give as many specifics as you can about your luggage and its contents.
  • Include the brand name and color of the baggage
  • Report the flight number and date of travel
  • Include a time estimate when you were at the airport
  • Attach a picture of your baggage, if available
  • Give an updated contact number

Once you get information that your baggage has been found, it will either be sent to you or returned to Hamad International Airport. You are expected to collect these within 30 days. Otherwise, the airport staff will dispose of these.

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