How Doha Plans to Expand its Airline

Doha’s Hamad International Airport, earlier named the best airport in the world according to AirHelp, plans to have an expansion project that is made up of two phases. This plan was unveiled during CityScape Qatar 2019, an exhibition for investors in real estate.

The main highlight of this expansion is an indoor tropical garden spanning 10,000 square meters. It will also include a water feature that is 268 square meters in size. Phase A of the project, also known as the construction phase, will begin early in the year 2020. Phase B will commence by the end of 2022.

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The Two-Phase Expansion of Hamad International Airport

1. Increased Passenger Capacity

Hamad International Airport currently has a passenger capacity of 29 million passengers annually. But with the Phase A project, this will increase to 53 million passengers per year, and by the completion of the Phase B project, more than 60 million people annually will be able to use the airport.

2. More Features

This enhanced passenger capacity goes with more amenities and features in the already feature-rich airport. With the expansion, the airport plans to add 11,720 square meters of landscape retail, dining, leisure, art collections, spas, gymnasiums, restaurants, business centers and more.

3. Indoor Tropical Garden

As mentioned, the expansion will include a huge indoor tropical garden, with plants that come from various forests all over the globe. This new infrastructure will ensure plants thrive and grow in the existing conditions of the airport.

4. Reflection of Qatar’s Expanding Economy

The chief executive of Qatar Airways Group, Akbar Al Baker, says that this planned expansion is a sign that the economy of Qatar is robust. He adds that the expansion of the capacities and amenities of the airport acts as an added stimulus to economic growth, noting that this will give contractors, both local and international, great opportunities to travel and travel with world-class experience.

5. Benefits Other Airlines

The official operator of the Hamad International Airport is Qatar Airways, so this airline company will benefit the most from the expansion. However, Al Baker said that the airport is open for any airlines who wants to operate at the airport. In other words, the Hamad International Airport is treated as a separate company, independent from Qatar Airways.

6. Smart Airport

Hamad International Airport is also upgrading its Smart Airport program facilities, adding advanced features such as hi-tech facial recognition biometrics for check-ins, entrance checks, border controls, and other strategic customer touch points.

Hamad International Airport continues to impress the world with its features and future plans. The airport reflects Qatar’s continuing thrusts towards constant progress and development.