Fingerprint Scanners Coming Soon at Hamad International Airport

The Ministry of Interior announced a system to take the fingerprints of expats when they come in to Qatar. In order to strengthen the security and control the people who enter and exit the country, the MOI initiated this project.

Brigadier Nasser Abullah al-Mahmoud (Criminal Evidence and Information Department Director) expresses his interest in getting this project started soon.


He made clear that the Hamad International Airport and other entry and exit locations will soon have the necessary machinery to scann the fingerprints, he said that the new apparatuses play an important role to focus on those people who have criminal records when entering the country.

People who enter the country need to register their fingerprint before medical commission check-ups within 5 days of their arrival into the country. Security personnel who patrol also carry mini-scanners to check the fingerprint of a person and identify them on the spot without going to te security department.