How to Use the E-Gates at the Hamad International Airport

The Ministry of Interior has activated the e-gate service in the expats’ ID cards and passports when travelling through Hamad Airport. Expats will no longer need to fall in line at the passport counter, because there is a separate line for the e-gate facility. There is no need to pre-register before using the e-gate.

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The use of e-gate is free. It can be used when arriving or departing from Qatar. ID holders 18 years old and above can use this. An office to activate the ID cards and passports is located near the e-gate terminals.

Photo credit: MOI Qatar FB

E-Gate to Benefit Passengers at Qatar Airport

Expats are encouraged to use the e-gates for faster movement at the airport. It is also easy to use, as the Ministry is implementing the smart passenger project. It means that passengers are encouraged to complete their passport approval transactions at the airport without needing assistance from the staff.

To fully enjoy the use of e-gates, here are the steps to follow:

  • Place the ID card or passport on the e-reader
  • The first glass barrier will open and the passenger will reach the middle of the gate
  • The system will match the data with iris scan or fingerprint
  • Once the information is matched and verified, the gate will open
Photo credit: @MOL_QatarEn

Passengers using the e-gate will be able to complete their travel procedures faster. They will no longer have to fall in line while the passport control officer verifies their personal information and put a stamp on their passports. Passengers are also able to save on the pages of their passport because there will be no need to put a stamp on it.

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There are 19 electronic gates in the arrival area, while there are 21 in the departure area. So far, more than 2 million passengers have used this facility in the past year. The Ministry of Interior is working on adding more e-gates soon.