Put Down those Gadgets and Achieve Tech-Life Balance

With the recent lockdowns and work-from-home options, we have found ourselves depending on our gadgets to do our work. In recent years, some schools and offices in Qatar have offered remote options. Because of this arrangement, both students and employees are always working on their computers and other devices.

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Now that the authorities have relaxed some restrictions, we can now continue studying and working on site. However, it seems that we have not fully let go of our dependence on our gadgets.

adopt healthy habits

Why is Unplugging Necessary?

The recent trend of doing remote work and school was made possible with the use of technology. And we cannot deny how our gadgets have made life more comfortable for us. Yet, too much use of technology can hinder our growth and happiness.

Let’s look at the ways that we can cut back on technology. From then on, we can find ways to enjoy life without constantly checking our gadgets.

Connect with people in real-life

When you are meeting with family and friends, you could put your phone away while in their company. It would also help if you encouraged your companions to put down their devices as well.

You could set notifications so you don’t have to keep looking at your phone. After all, those messages and emails can wait. You won’t miss them if you set a schedule of maybe checking every hour or so.

Do a social media detox

You might have heard this advice recently. And there is a valid reason for doing so, especially when it is affecting your mental health. Some people cannot function if they don’t check their social media accounts often. But this practice can cause anxiety, especially if they don’t get enough engagement or are always seeing unpleasant news.

To do your detox, why not set a day where you will not check your accounts? You can instead read a book or take a stroll.

Monitor your use of gadgets

It’s important that you are conscious of the time you have been spending with your gadgets. Doing so will help you cut back on your hours of use. When you self-monitor, you should also take note of your use of streaming subscriptions. You can download apps that will help you monitor your phone’s use.

Adapt mindfulness and let go of negativity

Strive to adapt healthy habits, such as doing meditation in the morning instead of checking your phones. You can also block sites that may cause anxiety or are not helping you with your goals.

Share healthy habits with your family

You and your family members can share ways on how to use your gadgets proactively. Instead of consuming random sites, you could look for educational and informational sites. These could help both students and employees use their time more productively. This is also the perfect opportunity to set time limits on gadget use.

Develop a healthy sleep pattern

Experts recommend that you put away your gadgets at least an hour before your sleep time. It will help you calm your mind and get ready to rest.

Although our devices help us with our daily tasks, don’t let them take over our lives. Set aside some time each day to go out and get some fresh air.

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